Report about changes made in tree in chronology

I’m wondering, is there a report in Gramps v5.1.5 that lists the changes made on the database in chronological sequence, perhaps with a time frame selection from/to?

Any suggestion is appreciated.

Gramps 5.1.5 on Linux Mint 20.3

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There’s a Dashboard gramplet that shows the last ten changes. Also, in each of the category views (People, Families, etc.) you can sort by Last Changed.

You can also look under Edit - Undo History for all of the changes that can still be undone.

And a Session Log Gramplet that has to be loaded in the Dashboard before it begins logging selected & changed Persons.

Plus you can sort (or filter) a Category list on Last Modified date.

If 10 seems like a very small number, the code can be hacked very easily to increase it (may require a reload of the plugin to take effect). Change the number 10 in to any other number. The UI doesn’t put up scroll bars, but you can select-drag to see the other entries (or maybe make the gramplet display area bigger).

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