How do I hide the filter side bar?

GRAMPS: 5.1.4
macOS Monterey 12.0.1

The filter sidebar uses screen space on my laptop. And I am not yet really using it.

How do I hide and reopen it?


Use the Sidebar option in the View menu at the top of the screen.

Go to the menu View. There will be options to hide/show the Sidebar, Bottombar, Toolbar, Navigator as well as sending Gramps to Full Screen.

So depending on your needs for each view you can give yourself more space.

Here is a trick to squeeze more space in the Navigation icons.

That worked. Thank you so much Dave, and George.

And with the Sidebar hidden, you are not without a quick filter option. You will notice at the top of the list views a filter option of the visible columns will become available.

Hi Dave,

I am having trouble finding the filter option you mentioned. Can you be more detailed, or is it possible to attach an image?


This is from my media list. With the sidebar closed, this will appear. The drop-down will allow contains/does not contain filter options for each column.

That feature is wonderful! It lets me enter a partial date (for example, month and day only, no year). I was not able (or did not know how) to do that with the sidebar filter, and was unaware of this alternative. Thanks!

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Now I understand. Thank you.

The sidebar filter is more powerful and allows filtering on more than one field and of course custom filters. But for a quick filter the top filter is great.

One major thing to remember, the top filter is only searching the information in the columns. So for example, in the People lists, it would search only the display name in the column. The sidebar filter would also search alternate names and would parse the names; ie Search for “Mary Smith” in the sidebar would return all “Mary Smith” but also “Mary Jane Smith”. “Jane Mary Smith” will return for the both filters but “Mary Jane Smith” will not return for the top filter.

an Edit: My name example may be misleading. If you have your name display “Smith, Mary”, you will get different results. I forget that some users have the Surname first with a comma before the given name. My Name Display is Given Surname, Suffix.

You should also be aware that the Filter Gramplet in the Sidebar is just the Gramplet that is most commonly used.

The other Gramplets (built-in and Third Party Add-on) provide many more alternatives to the basic features of Gramps. In most cases, add-ons were created because people felt something was too hard (maybe there were too many steps) or impossible with the Gramps core. (Many of the Add-ons were created by the core team members. So the 3rd-party is mostly about the feature not being included with the basic install package.)

For instance, this thread talks about using the Data Entry add-on to rough-in a tree:

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