Does Gramps remember Navigator mode?

Did Gramps restore the previous Navigator mode in 5.1 version. (I tend to “hide” the other 2 unused Navigator modes via Plugin Manager Enhanced. This eliminates the space-wasting button at bottom of the Navigator. That is important if the Labels preferences for the Navigator buttons.)

I’ve selected Drop-Down mode. But Gramps is resetting to the Category navigator mode every time it restarts.

The Category mode is set as primary in gramps\plugins\sidebar\ registration file; order=start

Having the selector default to the drop-down was how I discovered that the other options could be hidden.


So that is a “No”. The preferred navigator mode is hard-coded and not saved as a preference.

Rather than tweak the code, the “Aunt Martha” workaround is Hiding the “not preferred” built-in navigator (Sidebar plugin type) modes via the Plugin Manager Enhanced.

In an ideal world the navigator would remember the last used sidebar option. I have not looked at that code to see how that could be done.

I like the hide method as it frees up a little more real estate by eliminating the selector.

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Interesting to note that Sidebard is used in the GUI for different things.

  • “Sidebar” is the Plugin Type for the Navigator Modes.
    (And the sidebar folder in the Source relates to the Navigator modes too.)
  • “Sidebar” in the View menu refers to one of the 2 Gramplet splitbars.

The average user needs never learn what is controlling the navigation options.

Unless you want to “hide” Navigator modes. There you either browse hundreds of built-in & add-on plugins… or filter for “sidebar”. Which means only looking at 3.

Unless developers can use “sidebar” types for adding splitbar controls too, it seems like “Sidebar” types should be “Navbar” plugin types to disambiguate.

But I really hope that they can do MORE than alternative Navbars. And we just haven’t seen the other capabilities exploited.