Global Reset of window size, position & splitbar visibility

There are now a LOT of categories, splitbars & pop-up windows. It is too easy to drag a window to a place on a Virtual Screen where it becomes inaccessible. And the bottombar and sidebar occasionally become corrupted and collapse to where the resizing handle cannot be accessed due to the scroll-slider control overlapping.

Perhaps we could have a tool to flush remembered screen settings?

So in the gramps.ini, it would have to delete the [interface] chunk, the “last-view”, “last-views”, “use-last-view” entries in the [preferences] chunk. For the splitbars, it would probably need to flush the [hpane] and [vpane] chunks in each view category’s .ini file. Would the ‘height’ entries in each _bottombar.ini have any effect? (The detached_height makes some sense. But wouldn’t the height be constrained to match the bottombar height? The [Bar Options] in each _bottombar.ini and _sidebar.ini seems like a good target for a reset deletion.)

Likewise, the “proxy-order” in the [export] chunk, “recent-export-type” in the [behavior] chunk, and recent-export-dir in the [paths] chunk of gramps.ini can REALLY cause surprising results when the filter order is changed. Those problems can be incredibly hard to troubleshoot. A Reset for the Export would simplify support. Could it just purge the [export] chunk of the gramps.ini?

Are you aware of the Gramps ‘Defaults’ startup option? Gramps 5.1 Wiki Manual - Command Line - Gramps The “Gramps -D P” will do what you want, although it may return more than you specifically desire to the default state.

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I was aware of a temporary override. And that is overrides my display settings and ID creation patterns.

I was not aware of the CLI command. (Thank you.) But the options there go too far. The gramps -D AP is a general flushing of the INIs. It would necessitate manual restoration of key Preferences settings. (Including paths, display formatting, ID creation patterns, etc., etc.)

This is not what I’m requesting. When a corruption (or incompatible position) of the window location & size And/Or the splitbar size, then the effort to CLEAR all remembered Windows setting is a large, error-prone task requiring opening & editing of a multitude of .ini files.

The desired feature is more targeted clearing.


gramps -D E or gramps --default=E

This CLI command causes Gramps to clear out or return to defaults the desired settings. The family tree databases are NOT cleared out or removed. The sub-commands (replace the ‘E’ from the example command line above with one or more of the subcommand characters) are:

  • A Addons are cleared. Any installed addons are removed, along with their settings.
  • F Filters are cleared. Any custom filters are removed.
  • P Preferences are returned to their default values.
  • X Books are cleared, Reports and Tools settings are returned to their default values.
  • Z Old ‘.zip’ files from family tree version upgrades are deleted.
  • E Everything except the actual family tree data is returned to default settings. This does all of the above as well as a few more items; deletes thumbnails, maps, and the user CSS (used in web reports).
    For example:

gramps -D AP
will cause Gramps to remove all the Addons and to reset Preferences to their default values.

Did you find an answer to your own question?

Another user ask me for an issue when adding columns, other column disappears. I think some .ini file have been corrupted but which one and how to correct it???

Name column disappears when adding ID column:

Unfortunately, no.

It sometimes becomes necessary to manually strip the gramps.ini and flush all the view .ini files.

Curiously, some of the add-ons store initialization data in the plugins folder. I suppose that is so the preferences will survive a re-install of the plugin. If it was in the subfolder, it would go away too.

The Gramps subdirectory in the User Directory is getting pretty cluttered. It would be nice if view mode .ini files were given their own subfolder. The work doing a reset would become MUCH less fussy.

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