Preferences window does not appear

When I click Edit->Preferences the preferences window does not appear.
The Gramps menus are grayed out (until I click something) and “preferences” becomes listed under the “Windows” menu.
Perhaps the window is outside my sceen, size has been changed to 0 or something like that. Suggestions how to get it back? (Restart does not help.)
(Gramps 5.1.2 on windows 10)

There has been a bug filed & patch developed for this. (Thanks to @prculley !) By chance, the example in the bug description is the same one causing your problems.

See Issue 0011831: [GTK]virtual screen size changes can cause inaccessible windows

Your virtual screen size (multiple monitor configuration or resolution) has changed and Gramps 5.1.3 & older doesn’t check for that. So that Preferences window is opening off-screen.

As a workaround, you can edit the file that remembers the window positions. Make a backup of your Tree (start in Safe mode) & the file being edited before attempting any hacks.

Just delete the offending lines in the gramps.ini Preferences file.

There was a Windows specific bug in GTK (library used by Gramps for GUI) that sometime resulted in the windows getting ‘stacked’ incorrectly. By this I mean with the active Gramps sub-window ending up underneath another Gramps window. Where you could not see it.

The bug seemed to be more prevalent on systems with multiple monitors…

This was supposedly corrected in the 5.1.3 Windows AIO release Release v5.1.3 · gramps-project/gramps · GitHub.

The problem can usually be corrected by using ESC key to exit the active, hidden window, then closing and restarting Gramps.

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Updating the position in gramps.ini solved the problem fine.

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In the off-chance that other windows might saved in off-screen positions, you might want to look at rest of the saved positions.

Flush any saved definitions that seem… extravagant. Or, just clean out the whole [interface] chunk in the gramps.ini to reset ALL the saved positions

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