Error running Gramps on Win11

Gramps 5.1.5 on Windows 11: When I launch, Gramps says it’s open, but I can’t see the app (dashboard, console, menus, nothing). It shows in my taskbar as running, and Windows Task Manager says it’s running, but I can’t use it. It was that way with 5.1.3, so I upgraded - still nothing, so I uninstalled and reinstalled. Still nothing. Any advice?

Could it be related to this issue with Windows 11 that others are experiencing ?

See if you can open the Gramps51.log file in your user directory. There may be clues there. Gramps may not be completing the launch operations and is hanging up before getting to the database stage of the startup.

I discovered that Gramps is not displaying on my primary (external) monitor, only my secondary (closed laptop) monitor. I can’t get it to display on my main display in full-screen mode. Windows installer error?

This dual monitor configuration should be changed to be setup in mirror mode, not extended mode.

If both monitors are showing the same space, remembered window positions found off-screen in the old virtual screen area will fail to validate. Then they will failback to the smaller screen area.

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