I cannot open Gramps 5.0.1, Windows 7 . A box comes on screen saying "cx_ Freeze: Application Terminated an "X" Gramps is already running" - OK

I can only click on the OK box

I see you already reported the issue on the bugtracker as

Did you follow the advice about restarting the computer?

Best to continue on the bugtracker, rather than duplicating here.

This problem has been ongoing for months–every time I start the computer. Bugtracker Dave has not answered due to duplication so I still have not solved the problem.

This is probably because gramps was already running when windows fell asleep or stopped.
Gramps is a linux application so stopping it when Windows stops working is not or badly managed.
You must stop gramps before shutting down windows.

As 3 highly unlikely possibilities:

  • please verify Gramps is not in your Startup group
  • perhaps the “cs_freeze” was the original error but now a “Error parsing arguments” message appears because Gramps was not exited properly. You would have to “break” the lock.
  • you are double-clicking on the Gramps icon in the Windows Taskbar. Since that is a single-click toolbar, it is attempt to double-launch Gramps. Multiple instances from the same installation is prohibited. Restart Windows and click the taskbar icon once only.

Since you are using Windoze (not a commentary on the OS… just differentiating between the OS and a floating Window in any GUI) and a mildly outdated version of Gramps, download the PortableApps fork of Gramps version 5.1.5 which can run from a USB drive or external drive.

(The INITIAL start of Gramps is SLOW. It must compile and cache the Python modules. Be patient for a few minutes. Subsequent starts are faster.)

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