Weird new problem of multiple instances being spawned and quitting

Launched gramps this morning to check out the recent topic of the font in graph view. I’m not sure exactly when it began (that is, whether I caused it by messing around with the view), but multiple instances of the gramps started spawning, which then pretty quickly quit. I can see their icons in the Dock, at times 5 of them. I couldn’t force-quit fast enough and I had to log out to stop all the activity. I just launched gramps again and it instantly restarted the behavior.

Any thoughts? gramps.ini?

Gramps 5.1.3
MacOS 10.15.7

There is an issue that is isolated to Macs.

0012222: GraphView 1.0.121 makes infinite start and stop of additional Gramps instances (macOS)

Also a recent email thread.

Thanks. That was helpful. I find the bug tracker a bit opaque, so I didn’t find this one when I searched.

In the end I had to manually delete the .py file since force-quitting gramps kept putting me back into graph view on restart.

Perhaps something a bit more pro-active can be done since this is a pretty serious bug and the solution isn’t exactly something an ordinary user will be able to do. In case someone else gets bit, here are my steps.

  1. If gramps keeps starting new instances that instantly quit, you’re unlikely to be able to quit it completely.
  2. Log out of your account. The system will complain that gramps prevented it from logging you out, but just keep hitting the “Try again” button until it works.
  3. Log back into your account. gramps shouldn’t start again, even if your other apps do.
  4. Delete the offending plugin file. It’s the file in this folder: ~/Library/Application Support/gramps/gramps51/plugins/GraphView/. You can go to that folder in the Finder by hitting shift-command-G and pasting that text into it, and then just trash the file in the usual way. Or you can directly remove it by using the Terminal where you can type rm ~/Library/Application\ Support/gramps/gramps51/plugins/GraphView/ (You could probably delete the whole folder, but removing this one file will prevent the plugin from working.)
  5. Re-install the plugin in the usual way.

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