Reports and Tools tabs cause a freeze

(Gramps 5.1.5; MacOS Ventura 13.2.1; Apple M1 chip)
Recently replaced my 12 year old Mac with a new model. Everything works well, except GRAMPS!
Selecting either Reports or Tools ALWAYS results in the screen shown below, which is frequently frozen.
When it’s frozen, only the bottom Applications Bar is accessible and I have to force quit the application.
On the very few occasions when it’s NOT frozen, the top GRAMPS selection bar is accessible, allowing the application to be closed normally. Nothing else seems to be selectible.
The application has been re-downloaded, using the Apple Silicon chip option. No change has been observed.
The application has been started from the Command line. No change has been observed and no crash report has been generated.
Should I try downloading with the Intel chip option?

Whoops! Not sure if that screenshot uploaded.

Read you bug report, but unable to recreate your issue!

The only thing I can see is that it your screenshot seem to show you are in full screen mode, is that correct?

Also when you say tabs do you mean you used the two icon’s on the toolbar that popped out a new dialog?

Does accessing the reports and tools from the menus work for you?

This might be similar to your issue GNOME 1627 osx: dialogs show in fullscreen when the window is already in fullscreen in it John Ralls the Gramps mac packager is involved!

Thanks GP,
I don’t normally use full screen mode, so it didn’t occur to me that it was showing that view in full screen.
When I read your comment on screen size, I re-started GRAMPS normally.
It started with the reduced view size that I typically use. On a whim, while it was still showing the Dashboard, I toggled back and forth between full screen and the reduced view size, a few times. Then, I reduced the view a bit more, because your comments on view size led me to think that the “missing bits” were somehow off screen.
I then found that I couldn’t reproduce the problem either! I selected a number of views, but couldn’t reproduce it on any view. GRAMPS is now working normally on my new iMac.
I think you fixed it for me!

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