Modifying Themes

I have been exploring changing my Gramps theme using the Themes addon. Most themes I have tried, downloaded from, have been unsuitable when compared to Adwaita. My major problem with Adwaita is the large Tabs. Opening an edit window, I want to be able to see all available tabs without scrolling right/left.

I have taken one of the themes from Gnome-look and have been modifying it to meet my needs.

My Problem.

In the Relationships view, hovering over any of the non-active people, they blank out. The color of the text becomes the same color as the background and I have not been able to find where this is controlled in the css file.

In a related snag, changing the names in the Relationships view to Web Links also causes them to disappear.

Any help greatly appreciated.

I have uploaded what I have so far to my GitHub

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Are you thinking the Themes need to be customized to Gramps? Are they standardized in some way?

Or are you approaching from the opposite direction? Figuring that Gramps be using different CSS styles for certain objects?

Perhaps some of these objects just need a Style declared so they aren’t using the standard style. Or maybe they are declared so that they are in the wrong area of the cascade.

In the example above, is the style for the non-active people in the Relationship view declared? So that that are using the default ‘hover’ color?

There was an earlier way to install a different Theme for Gramps that allowed to have different colors, sizes of icons etc. Then PaulC created the Themes addon that made the process even easier.

I have tried out various themes downloaded from . None of the themes were ever better than the Adwaita used by Gramps as its default.

But I have had a pet peeve with Adwaita in the size of the Tabs.

I found the Windows XP Embedded theme met my Tabs needs but found the theme garish. So I started tweaking and modified it to the Theme I posted to my Github above. It looks great (in my opinion) but has a major flaw that I cannot find. The flaw is hovering over non-active people in the Relationships view and I cannot find where that is being controlled. Hence my initial post.

I have started on another track taking Adwaita Dark Green - and stripping it down to the basic Adwaita and now trying to tweak the css files to shrink the tabs. It has the advantage of properly dealing with the hover issue but I do not know how although I do know it does it through scss files.

Maybe when I have nothing else to do (ha ha) or we get our first snow storm I will devote more time to the issue.

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In looking up your complaint, it seems like several people share that pet peeve.

But then a Firefox theme development page popped up that has a great illustration. That page might be a good rough model for a Gramps article.

I have modified the Adwaita Dark Green theme and stripped it down to the basic Adwaita theme used by Gramps. The only changes I have made are to the Tabs and how they display.

I have removed the previous theme and replaced it with this new theme. Anyone interested can download it from my GitHub.

It is designed to work with the Themes addon

At this time my changes do not apply to the Dark theme. I am not a dark theme user so it may be awhile before I get to changing those tabs.


I have made additional tweaks to the light theme and made adjustments to the Tabs in the Dark theme.

I did not make as many changes to the dark Tabs that I made to the light. Moving the color swatch to the top was not viable as it got lost and the dark theme would hide many nuances seen in the light. The main goal was to shrink the size of the tabs so viewing the person’s edit window, all tabs are visible.



Personaly, I’ll never do that.

  • The themes are not related to gramps.
  • The themes are Gtk dependant and you’ll have problems if Gtk modify some theme functionality.
  • You’ll need to modify the theme for each gramps version.