Suggested downloadable themes for the Themes addon

Here are some GTK themes that users might like to download and install for Gramps in the Themes Addon.


Crown Blue

Victory Gtk Theme

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The “Installing your own theme” section of the wiki article does not have a macOS subsection.

Has anyone found a “Mac-like” downloadable Theme and gotten it working?

If so, please tell us the steps. We’d like to add it to the Wiki.

If people want to do some more theme exploration:


GTK3/4 Themes

Adwaita borderless for Gnome 2021

Adwaita Extended

Adwaita color variants

Some history:

Per the changelog in gtk-engines-0.12/raleigh:

Sat Feb 10 08:34:10 2001 Owen Taylor

* started ChangeLog.

I don’t think it was made for a specific distro, namely Red Hat (as Owen worked/works @ Red Hat… which is headquartered in Raleigh).
It’s a gtk theme as the README from the same package says:

This is a theme engine that implements a cleaned up version of the GTK+ default look - it is basically a cross between the GTK+ default look and something more like Microsoft Windows, with a Macintosh style option menu.