Does Gramps conform to your OS settings?

In an offline discussion, it came up that Gramps is supposed to conform its defaults to several OS configurations. One of which is whether the desktop is in a Light or Dark mode. Maybe that happens in the main Linux development fork?

On Windows 10, I tried setting my OS to Dark (Settings:Personalization:Colors:Dark ) and starting Gramps. Neither the Edit:Preferences:Colors:ColorScheme nor the addon Themes Edit:Preferences:Theme:DarkVariant option were triggered.

Do either the Linux or macOS forks adapt to Dark OS settings?

And although the titlebar text adapted to the 125% font size in Windows settings, nothing else in Gramps GUI (menus, labels, Statusbar, view content) had larger text. Via Themes, the majority of the GUI & view content adapted but only SOME of the Gramplets adapted to a larger fontsize chosen in the Themes addon. (More squinting in my future.)

I believe that the language of the OS changes the defaults for the Installers. But does a change in the OS language AFTER installation change the Gramps GUI language? (Assuming that multiple languages were selected for the installation.)

Are other OS settings carried through? Such as the Calendar or Date format?

How aware of the system settings and adaptive is Gramps in your OS?

On my Linux machine, when I have the Theme addon installed, it appears to override the system wide theme changes. If I click the “Restore to defaults” button (under Preferences → Theme), then it will change Gramps to match the system wide settings. If I uninstall the Theme addon, then Gramps follows any system wide theme changes immediately. I borrowed a Mac to test, and Gramps did not follow the system wide changes at all, even without the Theme addon installed (it remained the default Adwaita light theme). That does not surprise me since Gramps is not a native Mac app, but I rarely use a Mac so you can take my observations with a grain of salt.

Because Gramps is first and foremost written to run on Linux, it makes sense that its default environment would be closely using the same themes. Windows and Mac OS themes are different than the theme structure that Gramps can understand. Even utilizing the Themes addon a user is installing a Linux theme to be used just for Gramps.

I’m aware of that but it’s a fair point in case others don’t know.

It would be nice if Gramps did follow it.