What does this floating icon mean?

Version 5.1.4 Win10
When trying to scroll in the People window, I get the attached icon and have trouble getting rid of it. What does this mean? How do I clear it so I can use the scoll bar?

Can you attach a larger screenshot of the view? It might help to see where the scrollbar is and to see what other things might be going on.

On a related path, are you using the Themes addon? and if you are, are you using a theme not installed with Gramps?

I will try to get the image but I don’t know what condition triggers it, it is random, that is why I asked.
The scroll bar is there. When you click on it for the drag function that icon appears.
You have to scroll with the mouse wheel and eventually the condition clears.

What you describe tells me that it is a function of the theme you are using.

Does it occur in all scrolled views? Are you using the Themes addon? Which theme?

Looks like I’m using the Adwaita theme with the fixed scrollbar option checked.

I could try changing it to Raleigh or remove the option checkmark to see what happens.

Set the theme to another and after restarting Gramps switch back to Awaita. See if that clears rhe glitch.

I get this same icon every time I accidentally drag anything, but it goes away when I release my mouse button

Screenshot 2022-05-11 114113

Where is is located relative to the origin of the main Gramps window?

I wonder if it might be drawn in the wrong screen position due to a corruption of a saved window position? (Or maybe was a programmer debug feature that didn’t get turned off. If your configuration is multi-screen, please ID the screen: primary, secondary, tertiary.)

Could you try closing Gramps, renaming the gramps51/gramps.ini in the Gramps User Directory, then seeing if the icon reappears during a drag?

(You’ll want the restore the .ini file after the test. It is a pain to remember all the paths, display & ID formats that would have to be reset manually.)

The object’s icon is normal to appear when using drag-n-drop. Do it in another view and its icon will appear.

What @Davesellers is describing is instead of a blue active slider in the scroll bar, it has been replaced by the icon. The normal Adwaiter theme has it invisible when not in use, a gray slider when you hover your mouse over the slide bar and a blue slider when you actually click your mouse on it and make it active. The slider is actually a small png image.

The problem is that the default Adwaita seems to be a compiled file built into the Gramps install. (At least I never found the controlling css files.) I do not understand how it could have been corupted.


@DaveSch may have given me the clue needed. The Adwaiter theme has a very thin scroll bar compared to the Raleigh theme.
The icon appears when it thinks you are moving the selected line.
I’m thinking than sometimes it does not know that I’m clicking on the scrollbar. It is very small until you actually mouse over it. (I didn’t pick up on this before, maybe I’m trying to select it before it expands or there is a condition where by it does not). The Raleigh theme has a much bigger scrollbar, so I’m going to change over to than for a while and see if the same condition come back.
Thanks all.

One other option to consider is the upgrade to 5.1.5. This would give you a clean version of Adwaita.

But also now that you have started experimenting switching Themes, there are many options available.

And this discusses my attempts to create my own theme with some additional links to other themes.

There is a follow up rhetorical question. If you are not allowed to move lines in the People display, why is that uninformative icon used. Should it not be something like a circle with a line through it? Just a thought.
I did remove the gramps51.ini file and restart. The icon changed slightly (had a plus sign in it), but acted the same.

I get the same issue with 5.1.5 and Windows 11. I can reproduce it by selecting an individual in the People view; switching to the Relationship view and selecting a related individual; switch back to People view and try to move the scroll bar; little man appears.
Then if I switch back to the relationship view and back again (without changing the selection) all is OK.
Hope that helps.

Yes, I can duplicate that too, however it does go away. When I had the issue nothing I did in the People screen would get it to stop.

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