Window Title Bar Icon

Hi! How to change the icon in Window Title Bar?
(Please include your Gramps version and Operating System)

In your program file directory is…


Change the .png file.

Not sure where else this file might be used by gramps.

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Thank you very much!!!

Or maybe you can tell you what to edit to change the name of the category displayed in the Window Title Bar?
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As well as the program icon in toolbar…
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Now I have to ask… what is your end result that you hope to achieve?

Changing names in the GUI is probably easier to do by creating a translation file.

I work with a portable version and there are no po files, but there are mo files that I don’t know how to edit…

Hello! please tell me how to change this icon to your own? changed everything, but this does not change… I used to change it, but I already forgot how to do it. got the whole program, but never found a solution to this issue. thank you!
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(portable 5.1.5 Windows 11)

Your original post.

Can you tell me the solution to this issue?

Right click the Icon, chose “Shortcuts”, click the Button “Change Icon”, Chose your own Icon and click Apply and Ok until you are back on your desktop.

This is a Windows Function, not a Gramps function.

No, this is the icon of the program. This one. And I already changed it, but only that was a long time ago and I forgot how to do it (
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The icon is set on line 324 in the file.

Apparently some kind of glitch - when I call another icon by the name gramps, then everything remains the same, but if you come up with an original name, then everything works and the icon changes) Thank you very much!

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Whichever PNG file you name gramps.png and drop into the folder \share\gramps\images replacing the existing gramps.png file you need to save and drop into the same folder every time you install an upgrade of the Gramps program. This is why you need to think about Why? and What is the benefit? to you as a user for needing the change.

@Nick-Hall suggested changing the code to point to a different PNG file.

But again, you will need to make the same change after every upgrade.

I don’t understand what the update has to do with it? before that, I took another icon, called it gramps and everything worked. now on the new version of the program I do everything from scratch, but it does not work, I have to change the name gramps to another.

Each version of Gramps gets installed in their own unique folder.

it costs me - in a separate folder. it was a new downloaded version of the program, I don’t understand why the image of the icon does not change with its name gramps, and why it changes if you change the name to, for example, gramps2.

You will also need to change the gramps.svg file.

all this has already been done. alas, it doesn’t help either.