Development of a distinctive Gramps icon theme stencil

I’ve been attempting to find all Gramps icons to create a SVG theme stencil and some new icons, most I have found are from Tango, GNOME, Inkscape and others are customised.

But I have not been able to find the original icon sets for: Back, Forward, Home, Reorder, Enviromaps, Clear Markup Backspace, media, stock_new_html, stock_index, gramp-url, text-editor, gramps-export, gramps-import, document, stock_link, stock_notes.

Does anyone know what icon sets these came from?

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On my Fedora machine under the Gnome icons in /usr/share/icons/gnome tree in the actions subdirectory I see go-previous, go-next, go-home, view-sort-ascending, and go-jump. The first 5 on first row of images. The view-sort-ascending looks like it was tweaked some for Gramps.

In the same actions subdirectory is a insert-link and it looks like that was rotated 90 degrees and the arrrow removed for Gramps to create stock_link

Under the apps subdirectory I see accessories-text-editor, fourth in on your second row.

Under the mime-types subdirectory I see text-html which is similar to the first one on your second row but the globe is centered on it and left translated in the Gramps version.

Under the status subdirectory I see changes-allow and changes-prevent which appear to be repurposed for the Gramps privacy lock and unlock icons.

Then under Adwaita the edit-clear-symbolic-symbolic looked like second from last on first line except black changed to grey.

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Current menu map of icons:

Concept menu map of icons:

Only the alignment and order has changed but it seems more consistent and easier to read, mainly the centre menu section switches per category.

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There are some view modes that have a “Save” as output alternative to “Print”. I’ll have flip through & find which.

Also, the “Help” toolbar icon is one that we will probably start seeing more frequently. (3 add-on view modes currently have ‘Help’: the 2 lifelines Chart category view modes & LinkedView.)

The 2 most common variants are the roped red&white life ring/preserver & the blue disk with a question mark.

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Maybe you can help me with an icon situation.

I have added an icon to most view toolbars to open the filter editor (menu >> Edit >> Filter Editor). Not every view has this functionality. This is a different function than the editor icon found in sidebar filters. That icon opens the editor for the selected filter or if left blank opens the Define Filter window. My icon would open the list of all current custom filters for the view.

I have currently chosen the funnel typical of filtering. But since this opens an editor I toyed with superimposing a pencil on the icon (which I do not like).

So before I submit a Feature Request any ideas welcomed.

My current options:

gramps-filteredit or gramps-filteredit (with pencil)

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I see your dilemma, I have attached a few ideas that could be expanded on which seem more consistent.

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I did see a printer icon titled ‘reference family’ under the ‘All known places for one Person’ but it links to page setup for printing.

Another ‘reference family’ under the ‘Have these two families been able to meet?’ toolbar item has a different icon and function which opens the ‘Select family’ window.

Also the help toolbar icon I am conscious of, I do like the lifebuoy with page icon. But the question mark seems more intuitive but it doesn’t indicate a link to an external webpage.

The lifebuoy inset into a page icon is TOO tiny for the 22x22 size used for the Toolbar and users with aging eyes. (Older users are the larger segment of the Genealogy audience.)

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Given the small size, perhaps a split icon would work? Here is a split design.

Also, the dead on lighting and aspect seems wrong for a funnel in the laying “flat/on the shelf” perspective.

Custom filters immediately brings to mind the slider icon, it did take me a second to figure out what the funnel was. A split design slider/cog is an intuitive representation on the custom filter function.

Here is a draft split slider/cog 48px icon I made with theme guidelines.

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Thank you for helping.

I set each icon up for Gramps and below are results in both light and dark themes.

  1. icons1-light icons1-dark

  2. icons2-light icons2-dark

  3. icons3-light icons3-dark

  4. icons4-light icons4-dark

  5. icons5-light icons5-dark

Honorable mention is the funnel with wrench but the wrench really gets lost in the light theme which is my preference. Any icon needs to work in both themes.

Seeing them actually used are there any preferences?

FYI: the other two icons are from another of my feature requests.

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I would actually prefer the funnel with some adjustments, it matches with other icons better, with the wrench too. Do you have the svg for the funnel?

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Made a svg version of the funnel/wrench, light & dark theme compliant.

Yes, I have Inkscape to create and manipulate SVG files. Used it to create the funnel with pencil icon.

You might have misunderstood something. The light themes are my preferences. I had excluded the funnel with the wrench from consideration because the wrench (at 24x24) became lost in the light theme. I thank you again for your effort.

I liked the funnel with the pencil in the blue circle as it showed that the funnel was not by itself but I am sure in the actual display what is in the circle will become lost.

Been exploring for other options.

One thing I found was a help with document for the main thread. This from the Tango icon set. 48px-Help-contents.svg

I found a funnel icon with 3 dots above and one at the bottom. This is the idea which I could apply to the blue funnel. filter

The other concept would be a venn diagram. This was from the Tango set Gamgi48 but I found other ideas that could be modified from SVG Repo

adjustment-colors color-filter filtering-filter photo-filter

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I think the Tango help icon could be a toolbar option in the next release, so may clash.

Three dots is an interesting idea, everyone knows the three dots.

Unsure about the venn, possibly the two circles.

I had an idea that works at 24px, I call it a tick burger, how does it read?


It works well in the light theme but gets lost in Adwaita dark.
hamburger dark

I experimented adding the circles to the funnel.

light dark

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That looks better, maybe fill in the circles with light grey to compliment the dark theme.

The light gray did the job. Thank you.