Edit Gramps, edit tabs

Hi! I had just started studying Gramps and had questions. I would like to slightly change the program for myself, is it possible to change the name of the program itself, the name of the sections? remove some tabs and add your own? If this is possible, please tell me how to just do it?
Windows 11, GRAMPS: AIO64-5.1.6-1

The name of the application is rather pervasive. But grep tools would prevail. Although you are required to maintain the copyright & licensing notices in the source code and the ‘about’ box.

But its a bad idea to re-brand if you have trouble with that hint. Supporting your own fork is non-trivial.

Better to leave it as “Gramps” and contribute your customizations to the main project as configuration options. (The licensing agreement requires publishing your modifications in any case.)

Look at the various addons of type “View” for some examples of significant changes you can code in a fairly isolated manner. These are not new category views (e.g. People, Relationships, etc.) but rather different tabs (for lack of a better term) within those views.

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