Gramps v5.2.0-rc1 released

Version 5.2.0-rc1, a release candidate.

Make sure to backup before you upgrade.

Whilst we don’t anticipate any major problems with this release we still urge caution.

It might be unwise to “upgrade” your main/real Gramps family tree into 5.2.0-rc1. In general, we recommend you make a copy of your family tree instead (typically by doing a “gramps XML” export), then try 5.2.0-rc1 on the copy. (You can keep things really separate by using the GRAMPSHOME environmental variable, if you want.)

We are interested in your feedback, especially if you discover any bugs or problems which we haven’t noticed.

Version 5.2.0-rc1

  • Updated translations: ar, bg, cs, da, de, de_AT, en_GB, es, fi, fr, he, hr, mk, nb, nl, pl, pt_PT, ru, sk, sr, sv, tr, uk, zh_CN.
  • Add Hebrew relationship calculator.
  • Add Hebrew date handler.
  • Refine Hebrew About modifiers in date parser.
  • Add Hebrew to the list of user manual translations.
  • Update copyright dates.
  • Windows AIO:
    • Improve AIO build script to run without modifications. The build script required modification before first use to set the full path to the local aio directory. Second change is to use the -N option in wget to avoid downloading a file if the timestamp hasn’t changed on the server. Third change is to avoid the script from asking for interactive input on second and subsequent runs.
    • Add pip.exe and Adwaita scalable icons to Windows AIO.
    • Fix up Windows AIO for pip, and Finnish spell check.
    • Ignore AIO build artifacts in .gitignore file.
  • Addon Manager:
    • Invalidate caches after new python modules are installed. This ensures that any new python modules installed will be found by the python import mechanism.
    • Allow multiple versions in gi requirements. Enhances the requires_gi property in gpr files to allow mutiple versions of a GObject introspection module. e.g. requires_gi=[(“GooCanvas”, “2.0,3.0”)]
    • Update a couple of strings to clarify the Addon Manager UI. Fixes #13019.
    • Fix Addon Manager help link. Fixes #13018.
    • Capitalize “python” in the Addon Manager settings. Fixes #13016.
    • Fix addon prerequisites install.
    • Make the Addon Manager available without a tree loaded.
    • Change “url” to “URL” in the project editor.
    • Set default project editor window width to 600.
    • Refresh row in Addon Manager after an addon is installed. When an addon is installed there is no need to refresh the addon listing. We just need to update the row. This also keeps the user in the same place in the list. Fixes #13001.
    • Rename “Uninstalled” to “Not installed”.
    • Add an extra requirements check after installing modules.
  • Verify tool:
    • Convert the Data Verify tool to display results in a tree.
    • Add 8 more data verify rules.
    • Fix some garbage collection issues.
    • Performance enhancements.
    • Also fixed a small amount of easy pylint issues.
  • Fix invalid escape sequences by doubling backslashes, or making the strings raw, as is commonly done for regexes.
  • Make subprocess inherit environment variables in setup script. The PATH environment variable got unset for that subprocess, thus not being able to find msgfmt.
  • Fix command line progress output. The text was partly overwritten whenever the percent value was updated. Add unit tests.
  • Added HasRepo rule to rule list. Fixes #13097.
  • Fix references to gramps-xml file format in man pages. Change -f gramps-xml to -f gramps Fixes #9723.
  • Update and fix CSV import. See discussion on the Discourse forum.
  • Fix gramps example media source.
  • Clarify the Tip of the Day text to indicate that it applies specifically to “Grouped People View”, not the flat People View. Fixes #12897.
  • Report simpler Python version string in About and Error dialogs.
  • Fix DeprecationWarning for invalid escape sequence. Change to use raw string.
  • Fix invalid file mode error with Python 3.11.
  • Fix hyphenated surnames in name displayer. Strip spaces around a hyphen, so for example, “Smith - Jones” is cleaned up to become “Smith-Jones”. Fixes #13086.
  • Add year rounding option to preferences. Fixes #12422.
  • Fix context menu in all family events quick view screen. Fixes #12759.
  • Added option to display birth and death info in descendant report. Implements #12758.
  • Update Doug Blank’s email address.
  • Add new event reference citations to the private proxy.
  • New citations not included on the Narrative Web. Fixes #13046
  • Add event reference citations to the complete individual report. Fixes #13035.
  • Fix display of gramplet help URLs that start with “https://”. A help_url starting with either “http://” or “https://” should be used as the full url to be displayed in the browser. Fixes #13039.
  • Fix bug in narrative web when the role name contains a dash. Not enough values to unpack in sort_by_role. Fixes #13042.
  • Make the narrative web support both LTR and RTL layouts. Fixes #12960.
  • Minor string changes to narrative web report options.
  • Sort Confidence column in source citation tabs. The “Confidence level” is sorted by confidence label instead of the internal value. The “Confidence level” text is too wide and replaced by “Confidence”. Fixes #13036.
  • Fix imports test for new note added to database.
  • Fix GEDCOM import for SUBN record containing note. Fixes #13024, #12152.
  • Use imagesize rather than magic.
  • Reformat code using the latest stable version of black.
  • Fix sizing of shared information in the reference editors. Sets the packing of the expander widget to depend on whether or not it is expanded. Fixes #13030.
  • Fix crash when displaying settings in context menu popup of the pedigree view. A separator menu item was being added twice. Fixes #13029.
  • Add help_url to built-in gramplet plugin data. Link Gramplets to new wiki landing anchor of lookup table which shows which Gramplets work in which categories.
  • Add right and left margins to the welcome gramplet. Add some white space between the left/right text box borders and the text glyphs. See the topic on the Discourse forum.
  • Rename “Ancestor View” to “Pedigree View” in Tip of the Day. Fixes #13023.
  • Fix translated Tip of the Day entries with quote characters. When extracting strings from the tips.xml file, xgettext removes the escape sequence for the quote character (") so we don’t need to add it back before we obtain the translated string. Fixes #12325.
  • Fix a few deprecation warnings. Issue #13021.
  • Fix report dialog error when no active person selected. Running a report from the reports dialog with no active person selected caused an error. Fixes #13020.
  • Rename citation formatter from “Default” to “Legacy”.
  • Update width of Gramps ID fields in editors. These fields appeared wider in earlier Gtk versions. Fixes #12999.
  • Replace remaining Gtk.Menu.popup calls The popup method is deprecated. The remaining calls to popup are replaced by popup_at_pointer.
  • Fix positioning of popups relative to widgets. Replace popup with popup_at_widget and remove old positioning functions. Fixes #13008.
  • Change the subscript key binding in the note editor. Use r for subscript. The standard keyboard shortcut for copy is c. Fixes #13002.
  • Set filter editor rule list to expand.
  • Fix display of help links in gramplet bars. Use display_help rather than display_url to display manual pages.
  • Add more scrollbars to the Preferences dialog.
  • Fix bug in endnotes citations.
  • Fix bug when deleting a row from a filtered flat list view. Fixes #12995.
  • Fix sizing of the surname table in the name editor. The columns were slightly too large requiring a scrollbar with the default dialog size and column widths. Fixes #12994.
  • Add missing cite and thumbnailer plugin directories to build script.
  • Include javascript files in installation. Fixes #12991.
  • Fix black margin in project list with scrollbar. Fixes #12993.
  • Package Gramps-5.2.0-beta2 on macOS.
  • Fix translator date inflection comments.

You can obtain Gramps 5.2.0-rc1 from the GitHub release page.