Gramps v5.2.1 released

Version 5.2.1 - a new maintenance release, has been released 2024-03-24.

Make sure to backup before you upgrade..

Changes since v5.2.0:

  • Updated translations: de_AT, fi, fr, ga, he, it, nb_NO, pl, sk, sr, tr, uk, zh_Hans.
  • Fix error when installing an addon that will not be registered. Fixes #13233.
  • Allow experimental and beta plugins to be registered. Fixes #13232.
  • Tidy up the README file.
  • Fix fan charts on HiDPI screens.
  • Replace PIL with Pillow in the README. Issue #10016.
  • Fix the Tag.is_empty() method. The Tag.is_empty() method was returning the inverse of the expected value. Fixes #12579.
  • Cannot create Place with coordinates via Geography. Fixes #13228.
  • Fix place title when place names use open spans. Fixes #13222.
  • Fix the addon translator language for core translations. Fixes #13221.
  • Update AIO minimum Windows version requirement to 8.1 64-bit.
  • Prevent unwanted output in unit test logs.
  • Fix unit tests when run with Python 3.12. Fixes #13212.
  • Revert Death fallback symbol from Latin Cross to β€œ+”.
  • Change the cross mark and check mark symbols used in the Addon Manager Requirements screen to be valid characters on Mac. Fixes #13194.
  • Fix display of invalid dates in editor citation tabs. Fixes #13192.
  • Include metainfo rather than appdata β€˜its’ files.
  • Update AppStream MetaInfo file to conform to latest spec.
  • Fix filter rules missing the use_case parameter. Fixes #13187.
  • Rename metadata file to follow spec.
  • Add release information to appdata.
  • Package Gramps 5.2.0 on macOS.

See the changelog for more details.

You can obtain Gramps 5.2.1 from the GitHub release page.