Is the Statusbar oversized in all OSes, or just Windoze?

I’ve noticed that the Statusbar in Gramps is significantly taller than other programs: about 2 1/2 text rows tall. (Maybe to make space for the warning lightbulb icon that is larger than optimum.)

Is the Statusbar that tall on Linux & Mac?

And oddly, the progressbar on the left of the Statusbar (that appears when doing a backup upon exits) is ALWAYS off-screen by default. The main Gramps window seems to auto-size based on screen-sized without considering the Windows startbar at the bottom. So the bottom 5-10 pixels of the window are always under the startbar.

Gramps 5.1.4 on Win10 Home.
I tend to use the Accessibility settings to have a slightly larger font (due to poor eyesight) and maybe this is interacting?

See Bug 12373

The patch for that bug report fixed the extra warning and progress bar on initialization.

However, it does not address the exaggerated height of the bar, the oversized icon, the offset of the progress bar, nor the windows placement being underneath the Windoze startbar.

I would just like to know if those exist in other OSes before writing bug/enhancement report. (Actually, I’m trying decide if they are design decisions or bugs. If it is by design, the reports go into Enhancements. If they differ between OSes, then it gets reported as a bug.)

The other similar thing is related to the horizontal scrollbar that appears at the bottom of the window during a rollover. This renders the bottommost row almost unselectable.

Likewise, with the rightmost column (if it is more narrow than the vertical scrollbar), it cannot be resized and the header cannot receive a click to reverse the sort order.

It might be necessary to add a padding row (or column) when the scrollbar is possible.

But both of these behaviors might be OS idiosyncracies.

Regarding the horizontal scrollbar, this seems to be a Gtk issue. If the scrollbar is always on (Themes addon can set this) , it is clear that the window can be scrolled up/down to show the last row. With the “rollover scrollbar show” it does cover the bottom row, but if you could get the vertical scroll to work you could get the window to show the whole bottom row.

Regarding the status bar on top of Gramps, I cannot get this to do what you describe, for me Gramps is always resizing to show the whole Gramps screen when Windows statusbar appears as long as Gramps is expanded to full screen. If Gramps has been resized to non-full screen size, the Windows status bar doesn’t affect Gramps.

Which “accessibility setting” are you using?

If you use the maximize, then “yes, the main window fits perfectly”.

However, Gramps doesn’t seem to remember a maximized state when starting sessions. (or possibly the window size/position is saved before the backup is triggered & window changes ignored after.) Each time Gramps starts, the main window is auto sized to slightly less (minus main menu bar height startbar) & than full-screen but offset so that it spills under the Windoze Startbar. This resize & offset may be related to a previous bug fix that endured Gramps doesn’t try to place a window in off-screen space if the screen configuration has changed.

The backup is now over 17mb & takes significant shutdown leadtime when packing up my laptop computer. This means visibility of the backup progress bar is important.

[I’ve reset the Accessibility to default to eliminate it as a contributing factor. The behavior persists.]

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Are you using the basic Adwaita theme or a custom installed theme?

The Themes add-on is set to:
Adwaita in default (light, Sans 10, disabled toolbar text) but I have enabled “Fixed Scrollbar”

Behavior is the same in single & dual monitor configurations.

I dont remembering experiencing the horisontal scrolbar thing, I dont think I even get at all? Maybe I just dont remember tho.
I dont even remember seeing a progress bar when doing backup at exit? maybe I just havent noticed tho.

But as for the height of it, yes its higher than any other program I remember.

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