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A little suggestion about wiki entries. Sometimes we can see links to wiki entries to explain a gramps module like here:

I find them very usefull but as this discussion forum is in English, links naturally refer to English pages of the wiki which do not all have translation pages into other languages. Therefore, due to the translation of modules name made to be representative in other languages, it can be difficult to find the corresponding Gramps module, Gramplet or report etc in our interface in our native language, other than English.

The suggestion would therefore be to have in the main English wiki page of each module or gramplet, in particular if wiki’s page is not translated into other languages, a table with the module name translations ​​in order to know what it refers to in our interface.


Or give all the Wiki pages a unique number. Now there is a job for someone who is bored in lockdown.

And it is not as easy as that.

I checked out the links that @PLegoux used as an example from @emyoulation .The addons were just in English with no translations. But entries like the Clipboard are on pages that do have translations at the top of the page. So I changed it to français. There were enough changes that I as an English speaker had trouble getting back to the correct region of the page…In the French, the Contents page navigation was the same (9) but the screenshot was different. I checked the Finnish (Suomi) and it had a different Contents page navigation (10) but used the same screenshot as the English.

It would have been great if the Name for the different languages that the Gramplets was translated to was listed…

If I look at the same Gramplet i Norwegian, it is called “Tekstfelt”, that name has nothing to do with “Data Entry” thats the English name for it…

Tekstfelt (nb_no) = Text Field (en)
Data Entry (en) = Informasjonsregistrering or Dataregistering (both nb_no)

the correct Name in Norwegian would be “Dataregistrering” (no_NB)

The same are the issue with multiple of the Field Names in Gramps to, the translation is often wrong, because the translater do not always use Common Computer thermology.

So its often really difficult to find the correct Gramplet when you use native language…

Perhaps we could leverage the Gramps Glossary as a translation tool? I’ve been trying to expand the Glossary to make it a concise, quick reference. (Eventually, it would be nice to have links to introductory, tutorial & example wiki sections for every term.)

Assuming that we leave .en language SPAN ID tags embedded in the translated text & wrap them in translated text and ID tags, it might give us a usable Rosetta Stone capability. following is a example of a term translated/mangled with the IDs. (from poorly recalled high school French with the masculine form arbitrarily selected because it makes the term differ from the English) with a redirect of the Gramps Glossary#active_person/fr to Glossaire_Gramps#active_person

I haven’t looked at the POT translation files since English is my only effective language. Could they be used as a tool for building out the Glossary? How are the Help links are stored in Gramps?

I think it exist some ISO standards for translating technical english (including menu items and so on), I think there was some kind of cooperation between Microsoft and other large in the Tech industry a long time ago, creating a free open standard for it… and I think there are some RDS files for it also…

But, you theGRamps Glossary would be a starting point…

Digression #9230056 : When adding a repository to a sources, there are a field called “Call Number” in English, this is an Archive Item Referance Number…
In the Norvegian translation this field is translated to “Telefonnummer” = “Phone Number”, two widely different things…

Some time ago I tried to report it, but its still there in 5.12… I don’t even know if the Norwegian translator is still active…?

‘Call Number’ is a standard term in American library science for the indexing system identifier – used to sort library stack & bookshelf contents based on Subject, subsorted on tokenized author surname.

The literal meaning is not appropriate in English any more than in Norwegian.

Yes, I know that :slight_smile:
But still, its not a phone number…

We have another word for it and that is “Arkivreferanse” (Archive Reference)

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Just searched the MantisBT bug listings for Localisation category bugs and didn’t find your report. (I was looking for something similar to “[Norwegian] ‘Call Number’ mistranslated as ‘Telefonnummer’ (Phone Number) rather than ‘Arkivreferanse’ (Archive Reference)”)

However, there was an interesting bug from 2013 where unicode corrections were not being applied in the Norwegian Bokmål translation file. Is there also a Norwegian Nynorsk file? If the mistranslation was reported outside the Bug Reporter, maybe it was corrected in the written dialect that you are not using?

I think I only wrote it in the mailinglist and contacted the translator that time directly, I don’t remember…

Yes, it is also a Norwegian “Nynorsk” file, we have 2written standards in Norway, Bokmål and Nynorsk, the later is also a dialect,

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