Glossary gramplet

It would be useful to have a Dashboard Gramplet that was a terminology lookup.

It would be useful for users looking for documentation & for developers trying to leverage existing strings instead of adding new variants.

It could start with a searchable list of:

  1. the master gramps.pot file
  2. the currently selected language’s PO file strings.
  3. the Gramps wiki
  4. the Gramps Glossary
  5. the visual guide
  6. Gramps Screenshot Gallery
  7. iconsets
  8. keybindings
  9. Gramps programmers docs
  10. Weblate search
  11. any others? (The Genealogy Glossary)

(If no term was entered, instead of a filtered search of that destination with a specific term just open the generic destination hyperlink in a browser window. Facilitate the user browsing the right area.)

And have an option to show the equivalent string in English or any other installed language.

For each found string from the PO strings, have 2 lookup buttons:

It could pass a phrase to the wiki’s CirrusSearch index, defaulting to the phrase: “Visual Guide to the Gramps Interface”:

Or to a site-specific Google search engine phrase search for “Translation string”:

If viable, an advanced feature might be to filter the Strings found in a selectable window from the list of active Gramps windows.

Another future expansion might be to use something like ElastiSearch on fixed webpage search’s to scroll directly to the term.