What's the status of Gramps 5.2?

It’s been quite a while since I did any development on recent Gramps versions, but now that I will finally migrate from my hacked Gramps 3.4.9, I’m curious about the best option to migrate too. Is that 5.1, or is the data model of 5.2 so stable that I can try that?

And where can I find an up-to-date version of the 5.2 roadmap?

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Gramps 5.2 data model is not in a stable state yet. The pull request for place enhancements (including changes on the data model) is still not merged.


One of the Roadmap Goals that ought to be re-targeted is databases “Enhancements to the place structure to support GEDCOM-L”. That target should be changed to GEDCOM7.

@prculley has indicated that core features of GEDCOM7 cannot be implemented within the current database model. While it would be okay to push GEDCOM7 to an add-on after 5.2, not doing the necessary databases changes could mean pushing even the potential for GEDCOM7 support perhaps 3 or 4 years into the future.


Could someone touch the milestones for the Project?

There’s still an Open Issue in the already release 5.1 that may be keeping the milestone open artificially. Could that issue be moved to 5.2? Maybe the 5.1 Milestone just needs to be manually closed?

And perhaps the target date for 5.2 can be pushed into the future?

I think the milestones 5.1 milestone is open on purpose, so new pull requests dealing with bugs can be added to it.

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OK, thanks. Looks like I’ll stay with my current versions for a while then.

When I look at the roadmap, I see a few things about which I have big doubts, like the change of pickled objects to JSON. I think that I read earlier that Nick reported that it was quite slow, and I personally don’t see much to be gained with JSON either. Working towards a full relational database looks like a much better investment to me, and RootsMagic proves that such a database can be quite fast, with SQLite.

And since GEDCOM 7 isn’t quite stable either, with changes to citations, names, and places, all somewhere in the pipeline, I won’t invest much in that either.

To add to @Mattkmmr’s list, there’s a page on Mantis BugTracker which tracks the 5.2 release as well:

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