Gramps repository version

I was look at the maintenance/gramps52 repository and noticed that a change was made bumping version up to 5.3. Is this to show that there has been so many changes that we are jumping to 5.3 as next release or because 5.2 has been feature locked?

The version was bumped to 5.3 in the master branch, not the gramps52 maintenance branch.

The 5.3 was created because there are already features that have been

It is a “Yes and No” answer. The major features of 5.2 have been locked. However, if defects or oversights are discovered in new features during beta, some fixes may require what is arguably a new feature.

For instance, the native language detection problems could only be found while beta testing installer packages. Cleaning up that has required a lot of significant change.

Pull Requests for features which have been 'pushed back" (or are in alpha-test) are being applied to the 5.3 master.

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