Question about gramps on github

I was wondering what the difference is between the Master repository and the gramps52 repository. Maybe I’m wrong, but I thought that the master was development repository and the gramps52 was the released version but I noticed that in the 52 repository says that the branch is 35 commits ahead and 47 commits behind. Shouldn’t the 52 repository not be ahead of the Master. I’m teaching myself python so I can understand the gramps code and don’t which repository I should be using since there is a large mismatch between commits on the two repositories.

The gramps52 branch will be ahead of master when it has some bug fixes and translations that have not yet been merged into the master branch. This probably indicates that we are due for another maintenance release.

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Nick has already explained why there is a difference in the two. Since you said you’re starting out with Gramps development let me add to that, which may help you decide where you might want to start:

Personally I have several Gramps branches in my dev environment and switch between them often because each task may require code from a different branch. It’s best to use the code branch that is closest to the bug you’re fixing, or feature you’re enhancing (see Gramps branches)

Most of the time I tend to operate on the maintenance/gramps52 (or gramps51) branch, for example when I’m attempting to reproduce a defect and fix a bug especially if the bug is reported in that branch. Note that if you pull the gramps52 branch you will be ahead of the release (currently 5.2.2), but you can pull gramps52 branch tagged 5.2.2 so that you can get code that matches it exactly.

Smaller enhancements if accepted for the 5.2 release may also be developed there. However major enhancements and or issues requiring string translations are likely not suitable for a maintenance branch and should be developed on a branch from master.

If you run into more questions, feel free to post. The Developer Portal has a lot of useful info, although it can be spread across several pages and you have to pull it together.

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I’m using pycharm to look at the code and I notice a lot of warnings. Looking at the Master repository, I see the migrate code to black pulls which removes a lot of these warnings, but hasn’t been put into the 5.2.2 code and was thinking about adding them to my local code to play around with. Also some of these pulls are features I would like to use. Guess the worst I can do is break the code, but being retired I have lots of free time.