Addons-source repo gramps51 v/s maintenance/gramps51 branch?

This recent thread Need help getting started with a new addon got me to revisit something which isn’t clear to me: why does addons-source repo have both a gramps51 branch and maintenance/gramps51 branch?

This section of the Addons development wiki isn’t clear. Should code targeted to Gramps 5.1 be targeted to gramps51 branch or maintenance/gramps51? The first para says use the former and the third para seems to imply the latter (emphasis added). It does not talk about the relationship or difference between the two.

The addons-source repository holds the source code for the addons with branches holding the version for different gramps. If you are working on an addon for gramps for the current Gramps 5.1 public release, be sure to use the gramps51 git branch, as the default is master branch for the developmental pre-release. (Currently gramps 5.2, which is not the typical target for addons.)
Example commands are shown below referring to the public release rather than the master branch.
The developers are currently merging changes to the most recent maintenance branch into master as necessary, so you don’t have to do anything for that unless you are in a hurry.

The correct branch to use is maintenance/gramps51. The gramps51 (and gramps52) branches were probably created by mistake during preparation of a PR. When I get the time I’ll try to figure out if there is any code there NOT in the maintenance branch, and see if it needs to merged into the maintenance branch.

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Could check for variations of the in particular?

To apply a bunch of changes at once, I tried to copy the raw code from one of the 5.1 branches. That broke the list based view modes.

(I think it was getting 3 arguments but expecting 2… or the other way around.)

The had to be reverted.

Hi @prculley thanks for confirming that. In fact, I can see that following the instructions exactly as laid out in the wiki while working on the gramps repo can create the gramps51 and gramps52 branches.

Wiki updated based on your message.

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