Gramps v5.2.0-beta2 released

Version 5.2.0-beta2, an experimental pre-release.

Make sure to backup before you upgrade.

The key word is experimental!

It might be unwise to “upgrade” your main/real Gramps family tree into 5.2.0-beta2. In general, we recommend you make a copy of your family tree instead (typically by doing a “gramps XML” export), then try 5.2.0-beta2 on the copy. (You can keep things really separate by using the GRAMPSHOME environmental variable, if you want.)

We are interested in your feedback, especially if you discover any bugs or problems which we haven’t noticed.

Version 5.2.0-beta2

  • Updated translations: ca, cs, da, de, en_GB, es, fi, he, hr, it, nb, nl, pl, pt_BR, pt_PT, ru, sk, sv, tr, uk.
  • Add option to exclude fan chart title.
  • Prevent fan chart title being overwritten by the chart. Fixes #12926.
  • No longer state that Gramps will close in the backup message. Fixes #12984.
  • Clean up some Gdk Screen deprecations.
  • Fix Gedcom import tagging a note with an undefined tag handle. Fixes #12985.
  • Fix crash when printing notes during endnote creation. Fixes #12983.
  • Fix trans_text keyword in xgettext. Fixes #12982.
  • Fix vertical expansion of family tree manager list.
  • Fix error 404 with openstreetmap map service.
  • Restrict access to Stamen maps. Fixes #12971.
  • Track column width settings for all editor tabs separately. Fixes #12945, #12970.
  • Add support for Hebrew prefixes.
  • Add Farsi and Galician to Microsoft Windows Locale list.
  • Add a scrolled window to the preferences data tab. Fixes #12968.
  • Addon Manager:
    • Rename “Upgrade” to “Update”.
    • Fix addon settings bug.
    • Add installation status filter.
    • Add project up, down and restore buttons.
    • Add help button.
  • Fix error when deleting a surname. Fixes #11744, #12626, #12629, #12963.
  • Fix glocale problems on Windows.
  • Fix system locale detection on MS Windows.
  • Add Windows AIO workflow.
  • Fixes for the Windows AIO build:
    • Convert packages from python3 to python.
    • Replace share.tgz with downloaded files.
    • Add missing dictionaries.
    • Add missing D-Bus executable.
    • Use newly available bsddb3 package.
  • Improved organization of the Addon Manager filter lists. Fixes #12958.
    • Update the plugin type names and sort them alphabetically.
    • Swap the order of “Expert” and “Developer” in the audience list.
    • Reverse the order of the status list.
  • Include event reference citations and notes in Gedcom export.
  • Better URLs for gramplet bar help. Fixes #12957.
  • Tidy up strings in preferences.
  • Fix spelling mistake in Pro-Gen importer.
  • Improve Addon Manager search. Fixes #12955.
  • Check for Windows executables in addon requirements. Fixes #12954.
  • Do not strip checksum of media object in private proxy.
  • Update po snippet generation to output msgctxt.
  • Save column sizes before a rebuild. Save column sizes as floats rather than integers. Fixes #12943.
  • Set default column size in list views to sensible defaults. Fixes #12944.
  • String improvements.
  • Update authors file.
  • Fix changes reverted by mistake. This restores a couple of autobackup intervals and removes bsddb from the list of backends.
  • Fix bottombar not saving size. Fixes #12941.
  • Fix incorrect genealogical symbols. Fixes #12937.
  • Mac: Use tarball for osm-gps-map instead of git repository.
  • Changes for Black integration.

You can obtain Gramps 5.2.0-beta2 from the GitHub release page.