Setting 'Target Version' in Mantis and corresponding 'Milestone' on GitHub PRs - how is the decision made?

Hello Gramps Developers and maintainers,

While browsing Mantis today I noticed that we have a roadmap for Gramps 5.1.6 which is very cool!

I’m wondering with 78 PRs open as of today, how and when is the decision made to (1) assign them to Target Version 5.1.6 in Mantis, and (2) assigning the Milestone 5.1 or 5.2 in GitHub?

Is it a choice (or suggestion) made by the developer who fixes the bug? Or is there a group of maintainers who does that? Are there restrictions that dot releases like 5.1.6 cannot have any translation requirements in the code submissions? Perhaps a wiki that helps make deciding this consistent?

For example, Bug 0012437 seems safe for inclusion in 5.1.6 - is it OK for me to set the field in Mantis and the corresponding GitHub PR?

I think Mantis Milestone assignment is mostly irrelevant.

Usually people just open new pull requests on Github. New features are submitted to gramps/master branch and bugfixes to gramps/maintenance/gramps51 branch.
New features will be added to the next minor release (Gramps 5.2.0, Milestone 5.2) and bugfixes to the next patch release (Gramps 5.1.6, Milestone 5.1). See Semantic Versioning for more information. @Nick-Hall decides if a new feature is added or not and there is also a general Roadmap for Gramps 5.2 on the wiki.

Hi @Mattkmmr

Got it. If I can summarize: when a developer picks up an issue (bug or new feature) it’s up to them to target the fix to the appropriate branch (maintenance, or master) which pretty much implies what the Mantis Target Version and GitHub Milestone assignments should be. One of my early PRs was targeted to the wrong branch and I remember having to fix that.

BTW, I found this wiki: Committing policies which covers the topic well.

I’ll start assigning the appropriate Target Versions in Mantis for the issues I fix unless someone says otherwise.

Following up on my own post…I should have checked whether this was even possible, and it’s not (at least at my access level). On editing a bug I can change the Product Version and Fixed in Version, but Target Version is not available to set. Not fishing for access to this btw, this thread is really about understanding how and when these fields should be set, and by whom.