Thoughts on Gramps bug triaging collaborative session

As we get closer to the next release of Gramps, my thoughts have been around open bugs planned for 5.2 (see Roadmap), and those which aren’t planned, but might turn out to be important to resolve prior to release. I’m curious to know how this has been done in the past - I know there are some long-time bug wranglers on the Gramps dev team, and if there’s a process that works, we can start there.

Otherwise, could we get a bunch of interested developers to join a live triage of Gramps issues? We could initially target issues with severity = Block (25 open issues) and Crash (55 issues) in the Bug Summary? Recently I took some time to review those and while I could close out several of them without much further work, there were times when I hesitated to take action such as reducing the severity of issues from ‘Block’ to something lower because there’s no clear guidance, and I found myself wanting to just ask someone who knows how to handle such things. Another goal could be to improve the bug triage wiki too!

We could collaborate via Gramps’ IRC chat, or we could do Zoom or other video meetup too. If you’re interested in getting together and knock out a bunch of issues, please post. I’m happy to organize a session to get this going, or join a session if this is already being done.

What needs improving?

Thanks for asking. Overall the wikis are great starting points. Thinking back to a couple of years ago when I received developer access to the Gramps project in Mantis I relied on the wikis, and remember thinking that a clear flow for a bug in terms of status and resolution would be very helpful. There’s a Mantis flow diagram in one of the wikis but I remember that the Gramps flow was not exactly the same so I ended up making my own (see Final Status of bugs - Closed, Resolved, or either?).

There’s also another thread I started recently which relates to this wiki: Merging fixes from maintenance branches to master.

These are the things that come to mind, but in general anything that would help someone learn ‘the Gramps way’ of bug triaging and be become a contributor to the project. Does that make sense?

[10 Jan 2024: Updated to include link to thread: Final Status of bugs - Closed, Resolved, or either?]

Checked each of the remaining issues on the roadmap for 5.2 and if they could be delayed to 5.3 I moved them. The remaining 7 issues will need to be checked by @Nick-Hall to see if they are blockers; but out of those 7 possibly only three need to be done/checked and those are

  • 0011314: [Database] Gender statistics swapped after database conversion to SQLite
  • 0011274: [Installation] For all installers - startup shows “Danger: This is unstable code!”
  • 0013021: [3rd Party Addons] Addon manager install issues

Added one more as requested below:

  • 0013135: [File Formats] GeneWeb import broken with Python 3.11 [ERROR: line 569: Failed to import database.]
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Currently the tracker shows open:

  • 687 Gramps only issues ( of which 321 are at the acknowledged state & need to be triaged further :slight_smile: )
  • 153 Third party addon issues ( 66 are at the acknowledged state )
  • 1102 Feature request ( big wish list mostly and apart from merging duplicates and checking if the feature has been implemented should mostly be left alone )

Do you know if there is a tool to merge some Tags in MantisBT?

The list has some duplication.

Thank you! @emyoulation also suggested the same course of action in this thread recently, and it really makes it possible to get a better idea of what needs to be done to clear the way for the 5.2 release.

BTW, this is a regression bug and I recommend targeting it to 5.2.0 0013135: GeneWeb import broken with Python 3.11 [ERROR: line 569: Failed to import database.]

ok added to roadmap.

Updated the list of outstanding issues:

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