Is 5.2 available yet?

Is Gramps 5.2 already available? Just asking for a friend :slight_smile:

We just had a Release Candidate announced with a 2-week testing target before the General/Public Release.

The build-from-Source, macOS dmg installer and ZIP-compressed Windows 64-bit installer are currently available for download from the Assets list. (That GitHub page is at the bottom of the Announcement.)

An unZIPped AIO installer has been posted for the previous release’s assets.

Could the RC1 AIO asset be converted to an executable?

I am a linux user, so I have to wait for the linux-release

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If you download the source code, in whatever format you like, you can extract that to a new folder, and then check the instructions in the INSTALL or README file. You should be able to excute the build steps described there, and the run it from source as instructed.

I don’t recommend an install, because in Linux, that will overwrite the previous version, and if the install fails, it may be pretty hard to go back. Running from source may also mess up some of the settings, so I also recommend a backup of everything that you have in your .gramps folder.

Also, don’t upgrade your database, unless you really trust this, which is still a candidate, because there is no other way to go back than a backup. Creating a new tree, and importing a backup in that, is safe, if give it a name that you can recognize as one to be careful with.

Do you inform any “officiel repo” of the mains distributions (Debian, Fedora …) that they can add the packet of 5.2 in the unstable repo ?

Edit : it’s only a RC so you don’t inform the repositories about an update for the moment. Sorry.

I have seen flatpak apps at flathub with both a stable and a testing channel available for users. It might be too late for setting up a testing channel at flathub for the 5.2-rc1 Gramps flatpak so that users can try out 5.2 on linux flatpaks before the 2 weeks before production 5.2 release is up, but should I look into setting up a testing channel at flathub for future use? Another thing to discuss would be whether the testing channel would still need a week’s review at GitHub - gramps-project/flatpak: Manifest and data files required to make a Gramps Flatpak because that would put a long delay on making testing versions available to users and it would reduce available user testing time. (Of course I still welcome the week’s review before the release of stable versions of the Gramps flatpak in order to reduce the chance of flatpak related bugs being pushed to users.)

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Linux users can try out the 5.2.0 rc1 flatpak for testing from Release Gramps 5.2.0-rc1 flatpak · gramps-project/flatpak · GitHub if you don’t want to mess with building a release candidate from source on your computer. Regular warnings apply, as in not using your normal database on a release candidate. Instead back up your database, and then import the backup into the release candidate.


I think I wait for the official 5.2 release.

I also prefer to wait for the official 5.2 version. I hope this time it will be thought of a .deb installation without having to wait too long for a release :wink:
Flatpack or Snap is a nogo for me. I use if necessary and nothing else is offered an AppImage. This is easier for me to handle with appimage-launcher as a simple user.

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