Is new release not available for Windows yet?

(Gramps 5.1.3 Windows 10 pro)
Went to download page and at the top it says 5.1.4, but the only one for Windows is the previous. Will the update be released for Windows soon?

Please be patient and wait. It can take up to a week or so for the volunteers to create the All in one installers.

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oh, ok. Not a problem, just thought maybe I was missing it somehow. Thanks.

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For users who want to embrace the challenge, you can build Gramps from from the source today.

The 5.1.4 source is released. The installers for Linux, Windows, macOS require time to be build & test.

And the customized installations (like GrampsPortable or the commercial virtual machine) will take longer yet.

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So as I prepare to do the AIO release for Windows as I usually do, naturally one of my big machines crashes with one outright drive failure and the two Raid sets it participated in completely lost despite the fact that mirroring and Raid5 should have protected the data. Sigh…


Condolences! (With a bit of Padding to make Discourse happy. The Heart didn’t feel right here.)

Using my other machine I managed to make the AIO. It is up on Release v5.1.4 · gramps-project/gramps · GitHub
Now to see what it will take to get my machine back up and running…


Downloads page now updated for 5.1.4 Gramps Win64 and Win32 installers.


Wow! that was faster than I had hoped for! Awesome, thank you!


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