Where is Gramps 5.1.4 .all.deb?

The link is up to date for downloading the gramps .deb package for version 5.1.4 ??
This address points to gramps 5.1.3
Where can we find package gramps 5.1.4.deb ??
Thank you
Jean Claude

Please be patient and wait. It can take up to a week or so for the volunteers to create the installer.

on reddit same question
Any ETA on when the Linux Debian ( *.deb ) installer is to be released!

Broken link!

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I’m not a Linux user but an updated Flatpak for Gramps 5.1.4 exists. Is it not compatible with Debian?

[There’s a Debian distro logo in the setup guide like from the Gramps Flatpak page. But that just tells me the Flatpak project is intimately involved with Debian. It doesn’t indicate if the 5.1.4 Gramps Flatpak has been validated with Debian - Buster or bullseye. ]

Thank you
I will wait




Yeah, which is great!!