Gramps will not install in W10

I downloaded Gramps onto my W10 laptop but when I try and run the downloaded file Windows tells me that I cannot as the program constitutes a risk.

Anybody else had this problem?

This annoying behavior occurs when Windows detects a new exe that it has not seen before very often. 5.1.4 qualifies as ‘new’ in this way. Unfortunately the process of getting a proper cryptographic key that Windows will recognize is not remotely easy for open source projects, as Msoft generally only makes this possible for companies.

After a certain number of people install with no issue, Windows will stop reporting this as a risk.

Thanks for the reply. So can I find an older version of the program which ms would accept?


John Tuach

Sure. Previous versions & installers for various OSes are archived in the Stable Release folder on GitHub

Assuming that you are running a 64bit version of Windows, you’ll want the Gramps v5 1.3 release of the 64bit All-In-One (2nd edition) installer. (The 1st edition was missing a couple installer files & was updated within days. It wasn’t due to bugs in Gramps.)

Many thanks - will do as you suggest.


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You can still load 5.1.4 on Win10.

There is an override to ignore the warning during the install process. It is not one of the obvious options (big buttons). I just tried a reinstall but since I had already forced the override, it did not show it to me again. But it Can be done and as Paul posted, when enough users take this option with no problems, the issue will eventually go away.

Hmmm. I just assumed he was using a login without override rights. Should have asked.

Only thing you need is to download and keep the exe, then right click it and chose properties, on the general tab, down to the right is a little checkbox “unblock”, mark that and you can run the installation.

If you ned to run it as an administrator, right click and chose Run as Administrator (should not be necessary for Gramps)

Thanks for that.

I did download an old version but it took ages to install and when complete, I had two copies of it installed.

Would prefer to use the up to date version.

John Tuach

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