Struggling with the setup for Forms Gramplet

I’m attempting to use the Forms Gramplets and I’m following the wiki documentation (Addon:Forms Gramplet - Gramps) but I’m getting stuck on the Configuration.

I started from the People view, added the Forms Gramplet, and I can now see Forms included on the bottom bar. When I move to the Configuration piece, it says to edit the Sources by adding an Attribute, and that the Attribute dropdown must be “Form”. I don’t have that option. The only thing that appears in my dropdown list is “Unknown”. What am I missing?

Gramps 5.1.5, Windows 10

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When you add an attribute to a source, you can type in any value in the Attribute field. The dropdown will only list “Unknown” until you add new attributes, but you can type Form over Unknown, and after you’ve saved that, it will appear in the dropdown in the future.

I suddenly have a greater appreciate for my UI/UX coworkers. The field won’t let you overwrite “Unknown” while the text is highlighted. Once you click in the field and the cursor prompt appears, you can backspace over it. I’d like to think I would have eventually figured that out. sigh

Ok, so now I can access the forms. What should I enter in the Reference field? I’m already selecting the Form associated with the appropriate Source. And should the date be the date that the original form was signed or the census date?

There are a number of threads in this forum covering a number of workflows with the Forms Gramplet.

This thread has an example of setting up the 1950 US Census via an import. (Either with the Import Text gramplet or via a file import.) It creates a sample Person (the actual Director of the Census) that you can use as a reference.

There are also 2 Gramps Video Tutorials about using Forms that were created 2016 for version 4.x too.

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I guess that is one of the differences between Linux and Windows. I only use Linux and have never had a reason to look at Gramps for Windows.

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What you put in the Reference field is up to you. It will be used as as the Volume/Page field for the citation. I use different values for different census records although I generally include the line numbers of the family to ensure they are unique. If you want to see what I’ve done, contact me directly and I’ll send you a link to my website (Discourse won’t allow me to include a link here) although I suspect practically everyone does it differently, and I’m not sure I would do it the same way if I were starting now (I don’t remember when I started using the Census gramplet … although it was before 2014, and I’ve been using the Forms gramplet since it replaced the Census gramplet).

I think for most census records, the date will be the official date of the census and filled in from the form definition. My policy has been to not change it, but to fill in the enumeration date on the Headings tab if it is included there and it is given on the form. I’ve only used U.S. census records, so you may want/need to do something different for other countries.

An attribute can be added to a source by typing any value in the Attribute field. When you start adding new attributes, the dropdown will only show "Unknown.

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