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(Please include your Gramps version and Operating System) 5.1.4 I saw a YouTube video by Tim G ( where he was explaining form Gramplet add-on I followed the directions saw the two Gramplet he recommended last latest change and form Gramplet I saw them in the list I downloaded them went to the dashboard and a blank area right clicked to add Gramplet saw the latest change Gramplet but not the Form Gramplet. What do I do next?
thanks Doug

From the support page for the Addon:Forms Gramplet

The Forms gramplet is designed to be added for the bottombar PeoplePeople Category ( Grouped or List ) view modes of Gramps. (After installation, this gramplet will be available for addition in all these locations: the sidebar/bottombar option for the following views: PeoplePeople, RelationshipsRelationships, ChartsCharts, and GeographyGeography.)

Select the Forms menu option from the Add a gramplet submenu of the Gramplet selection menus. Accessible by pressing the ( Down Arrowhead button) in the view’s sidebar or bottombar.

The blank Forms Gramplet will be shown docked as below.

Then you need to setup the initial Configuration for each source as mentioned in the next section on that page.

Any problems come back and ask :blush:

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Thanks I got it done and I got my first form in for my grandfather in the 1920 census

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