How to improve the adding a Gramplet instructions

Over the last week I received 2 separate private help requests from new users trying to enable a Gramplet for the first time.

One was for a beta version Gramplet. So it had the added complexity of manually downloading & installation.

Another was for the Forms Gramplet. So I took a run at clarifying the Adding the Gramplet in that Gramplet’s wiki page.

Some feedback and suggestions would be helpful.

The following mangles the formatting a bit but the text & links survive pasting to this Discourse forum.

Adding the Forms Gramplet

Adding Forms Gramplet to bottombar of People Category (Tree) View

The Forms gramplet is designed to be added for the bottombar PeoplePeople Category ( Grouped or List ) view modes of Gramps. (After installation, this gramplet will be available for addition in all these locations: the sidebar/bottombar option for the following views: PeoplePeople, RelationshipsRelationships, ChartsCharts, and GeographyGeography.)

Select the Forms menu option from the Add a gramplet submenu of the Gramplet selection menus. Accessible by pressing the ( Down Arrowhead button) in the view’s sidebar or bottombar.


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