Favorite "gramplets"?

What are some of the most popular gramplets?

For me, the References gramplet is indispensable and the one I use most often. The Quick View gramplet is perhaps the most flexible, and probably the one I use second most often.

You’d probably have to separate that into 2 Gramplet categories: built-in & 3rd party add-ons.

Oh… and Gramplets are only the interactive subcategory of add-ons.

Without a doubt, the Gramplets I use most are the various Views’ built-in Filters. But they are used so ubiquitously that most users don’t even think of them as a ‘Gramplets’ anymore.

Beyond that, I am constantly using the Pedigree, Descendants or Deep Connections when speaking with curious cousins.

And the Data Entry Gramplet is a wonderful shortcut for filling in a branch of the tree.

I am a heavy user of the Web Connect. Wished it worked on more than the People lists though.

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The biggest change to my use of Gramps has been the new Combined View addon.

My favorite is Graph View addon. special mention to the addons search bar.

Most used is the Forms addon for entering census information.

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