Installing notes gramplet for census under Windows

Windows 10, Gramps AIO64-5.1.5-1
This being my first try at using the Notes Gramplet for Census data, I have run into a brick wall.
a) I am trying to use the forms gramplet for the 1916 Canadian Census as a first try.
b) I have installed the gramplet
c) I have checked for the file form_ca.xml - it exist and my editor has verified it is well formed, though it does complain during validation about
Error at line 2, column 8: no declaration found for element 'forms
d) created a census record for an individual in the Person data dialog
e) when I select that individual in the People view, I can see the Forms tab, with 2 buttons ‘New’ & ‘Edit’
f) Clicking on ‘Edit’ does nothing - no surprise
g) clicking on ‘New’ does bring up ‘Select Form’ dialog, but the source list is empty

From some of the recent threads here I have gathered that I need to created a source with the ID=CA1916 but that does not seem to help either.

Evidently I am missing something important. but I have no idea what, where or how to get this to work

I think you are referring to the Forms gramplet, not the Notes gramplet.

I don’t understand your step d - created a census record. The Form creates the Census Event when completed. You do not create the census event manually.

You need to create a Source with an Attribute of Form and a Value of CA1916 (see image). Once that is done, when you select New from the Person - Forms tab you will see the CA1916 entry.

Thank you, adding the attribute was the piece I was missing

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