1950 US Federal Census

GrampsAIO64-5.1.5-1 Windows 10

Given the recent transcription of some NJ records thru Ancestry and the National Archive, I started trying to capture some of this information. I started with installing the addon for the Form gramplette. I added a source with the attribute Form US1950. However it did not show up in the form selector. For amusement I added the 1940 census with US1940, and that one does show up.

I have yet to try Writing my own form based on the questions and US1940.
Has anybody already done this over a month into the availability of this information?
Is there any chance it may get installed as an update in the near future?
If not, how do I best help that happen?

What report would print out the detailed information?

Also, in general, how to best handle the collection of places the images are available through, each with thier own transcription? This has the potential of being painfully redundant.

Thanks for your attention, Karen

Can you confirm please that you updated the form addon today as the US1950 for the Form addon was only released yesterday?

Use the Gramps Preferences Third party addons management to install the 2.0.33 Form Gramplet update.

Here is Gramps XML tree that can be imported. It has a Source with 1950 Census, 1 placeholder person (John Smith) with 1 Citation. The source has URLs to three online locations of the census archives.

You can paste the following XML into the Import Text gramplet and click the Import button.

Alternately, paste the following into a text file named 1950Census.gramps and import it.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE database PUBLIC "-//Gramps//DTD Gramps XML 1.7.1//EN"
<database xmlns="http://gramps-project.org/xml/1.7.1/">
    <created date="2022-05-11" version="AIO64-5.1.5-1"/>
      <resname>The Gramps Project</resname>
    <event handle="_f071e8dcfda7b117ffdff768b86" change="1652325215" id="E0000000">
      <dateval val="1950-04-01"/>
      <citationref hlink="_f071e8dd0ac18b4178dd364135e"/>
    <person handle="_f071e73131f388699c6eef5e2fc" change="1652325215" id="I0000000">
      <name type="Birth Name">
      <eventref hlink="_f071e8dcfda7b117ffdff768b86" role="Primary">
        <attribute priv="1" type="Order" value="1">
          <citationref hlink="_f071e8dd0ac18b4178dd364135e"/>
        <attribute type="Name" value="Smith, John">
          <citationref hlink="_f071e8dd0ac18b4178dd364135e"/>
        <attribute type="Farm?" value="Yes">
          <citationref hlink="_f071e8dd0ac18b4178dd364135e"/>
        <attribute type="On 3+ acres of land?" value="Yes">
          <citationref hlink="_f071e8dd0ac18b4178dd364135e"/>
        <attribute type="Relationship" value="Self">
          <citationref hlink="_f071e8dd0ac18b4178dd364135e"/>
        <attribute type="Race" value="W">
          <citationref hlink="_f071e8dd0ac18b4178dd364135e"/>
        <attribute type="Sex" value="M">
          <citationref hlink="_f071e8dd0ac18b4178dd364135e"/>
        <attribute type="Age at last birthday" value="25">
          <citationref hlink="_f071e8dd0ac18b4178dd364135e"/>
        <attribute type="Marital status" value="M">
          <citationref hlink="_f071e8dd0ac18b4178dd364135e"/>
        <attribute type="Place of birth" value="Pennsylvania">
          <citationref hlink="_f071e8dd0ac18b4178dd364135e"/>
        <attribute type="Is he naturalized?" value="No">
          <citationref hlink="_f071e8dd0ac18b4178dd364135e"/>
        <attribute type="housework (H), work (W), unable to work (U) or other (Ot)" value="W">
          <citationref hlink="_f071e8dd0ac18b4178dd364135e"/>
        <attribute type="Worked last week? (Y/N)" value="Y">
          <citationref hlink="_f071e8dd0ac18b4178dd364135e"/>
        <attribute type="Looking for work?" value="N">
          <citationref hlink="_f071e8dd0ac18b4178dd364135e"/>
        <attribute type="Has a job or business?" value="Y">
          <citationref hlink="_f071e8dd0ac18b4178dd364135e"/>
        <attribute type="# hours worked last week" value="80">
          <citationref hlink="_f071e8dd0ac18b4178dd364135e"/>
        <attribute type="Type of work" value="Farmer">
          <citationref hlink="_f071e8dd0ac18b4178dd364135e"/>
        <attribute type="Business or industry" value="Ag">
          <citationref hlink="_f071e8dd0ac18b4178dd364135e"/>
        <attribute type="Same house in Apr 1949?" value="Y">
          <citationref hlink="_f071e8dd0ac18b4178dd364135e"/>
        <attribute type="Farm in Apr 1949?" value="Y">
          <citationref hlink="_f071e8dd0ac18b4178dd364135e"/>
        <attribute type="Same county in Apr 1949?" value="Y">
          <citationref hlink="_f071e8dd0ac18b4178dd364135e"/>
        <attribute type="State or foreign country" value="PA">
          <citationref hlink="_f071e8dd0ac18b4178dd364135e"/>
        <attribute type="Place of birth of father" value="PA">
          <citationref hlink="_f071e8dd0ac18b4178dd364135e"/>
        <attribute type="Place of birth of mother" value="PA">
          <citationref hlink="_f071e8dd0ac18b4178dd364135e"/>
        <attribute type="Highest grade attended" value="8">
          <citationref hlink="_f071e8dd0ac18b4178dd364135e"/>
        <attribute type="Completed?" value="Y">
          <citationref hlink="_f071e8dd0ac18b4178dd364135e"/>
        <attribute type="Attended school since Feb 1, 1950?" value="N">
          <citationref hlink="_f071e8dd0ac18b4178dd364135e"/>
        <attribute type="How many weeks has he been looking for work?" value="0">
          <citationref hlink="_f071e8dd0ac18b4178dd364135e"/>
        <attribute type="# weeks worked in 1949" value="52">
          <citationref hlink="_f071e8dd0ac18b4178dd364135e"/>
        <attribute type="Amount of wages/salary in 1949" value="10000">
          <citationref hlink="_f071e8dd0ac18b4178dd364135e"/>
    <citation handle="_f071e8dd0ac18b4178dd364135e" change="1652325215" id="C000000">
      <dateval val="1950-04-01"/>
      <sourceref hlink="_f071e68ef6c70d0e673a3acc15e"/>
    <source handle="_f071e68ef6c70d0e673a3acc15e" change="1652327380" id="S000000">
      <stitle>1950 US Census</stitle>
      <sauthor>Bureau of the Census (United States Census Bureau - USCB)</sauthor>
      <spubinfo>Form P1, 1950 Census of Population and Housing</spubinfo>
      <noteref hlink="_f071fbd8f595e333d1d12ee1302"/>
      <srcattribute type="Form" value="US1950"/>
    <note handle="_f071fbd8f595e333d1d12ee1302" change="1652327170" id="N000000" priv="1" type="Source Note">
      <text>Joel Weintraub 1950 US Census for Genealogists Facebook Public group 1.3K members

Let me offer an alternate way of viewing the ED (Enumeration District) images. We have a &quot;Universal 1950 Census Image Viewer&quot; at the One-Step site, https://stevemorse (dot) org/census/viewer1950.html  You choose your ED #, and then can pick between the NARA Viewer, FamilySearch Viewer, or Ancestry Viewer.


Family Search

National Archives 

      <style name="bold">
        <range start="0" end="15"/>
        <range start="81" end="83"/>
      <style name="italic">
        <range start="15" end="46"/>
      <style name="link" value="https://1950census.archives.gov/search/">
        <range start="528" end="567"/>
      <style name="link" value="https://stevemorse.org/census/viewer1950.html">
        <range start="231" end="282"/>
      <style name="link" value="https://www.ancestry.com/search/collections/62308/">
        <range start="401" end="451"/>
      <style name="link" value="https://www.facebook.com/groups/634847774579022/">
        <range start="15" end="46"/>
      <style name="link" value="https://www.familysearch.org/1950census/">
        <range start="467" end="507"/>
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In response to your prompt note, I updated the addon and restarted gramps.
I am now able to bring up 1950 census.
However it does not look like the 1950 questions with home value…
I double checked. The attribute is US1950.

I updated the Form gramplet today and started entering data. Right now
I am trying to find my parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents, so
I only have three pages from two counties in Missouri so far. The
questions in the gramplet match those pages (although so far I haven’t
had any families that fell on the line that has questions 34-38. None
of the pages I’ve looked at so far include home value.

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All 38 questions are shown , if an abbreviation on the field has been used then the long form version of the question can be viewed as a tooltip by hovering the cursor over an empty field. You also need to scroll the form to the right using the scroll bar on the bottom of the form to see all the questions as they don’t screen wrap in the form addon.

Thanks. After the aforementioned upgrade, I tried out the suggested tree.

While I do see the note with multiple links, what I am struggling with is each site having a separate spelling of the name in the transcriptions. In the couple of days I have been working none of my changes have been reflected.

Your sparse tree brought to my attention that the census event did not have a location or description.
I added a city>county>state>United States locations.
I went to the form and entered such along a street into the appropriate place in the headers. The census record did not change.
Additionally the citation volume did not reflect the ED, sheet, and street address or the people. Are these just things that need double entering?

For slightly larger test purposes I gave John a wife Mary Black and added her to the form too --, Mary.
I failed to export to a gramps file that I could copy and paste here.

I still don’t know how to get a report on the census information.

That’s a good question. Personally, I have not used the Forms. But the public release 1950 Census data prompted a new re-evaluation of my Census workflow. So I was looking for a way to try out the feature with all the confusion in the current documentation. It just seemed like an import was an easier way.

After the original posting, discovered that importing via the Import Text gramplet was a lot fewer steps than saving it as a text file & importing.

As a more unique alternative to a “John Smith”, I thought using the Director (Dr. Roy Victor Peel) of the Census Bureau during the 1950 census would be an amusing example person. (I was going to use President Truman but he was vacationing in the Florida Keys at that time. So a person in Washington DC was better.)

This was asked on the Gramps Reddit and the short answer is no. The longer answer was:

Looks like the older Census report was not updated to work with the Form Addons, maybe ask the developer directly?

Looks like it was for Gramps 3.4.x or older and those addon are stored over on sourceforge:

So the older Census report needs to be updated to support Gramps 5.x any takers?

So Sorry. I was working past my bed time.
While it occurred to me to change to US1951 in my test.xml,
I forgot to restart gramps. This morning some obvious fields have disapeared.

I do have one suggestion though.
I would move the property questions like farm, acres, and ag form to the header with street. I just realized I don’t see street, house number, or unit number anywhere.
So I am thinking the 38 questions is a bit of a red herring if counting boxes as some have parts a, b, and c. Or am I just sleep deprived?

This does raise the question for me of how gracious is this tool for changing the form?
I’ve only tried to enter one family. Would it make sense to try to delete it and re add?
Or should I just grab a gramps file from a few days ago and hope the only other change is a discovered previous wife?

Thanks for your patience and help, Karen

and agricultural question number.

Thanks. Clearly I am trying to find a good workflow. For the census I searched on gramps census. Got a document describing obsolete bits with a forward pointer to forms. I also found a document on address versus census. Just dug down into the reference on “Recording UK Census Data” and am thinking such might be useful to have a document, “Recording US Census Data”, for those that follow me. It should include the different options apparently with versioning information.

I think I am missing how to save as a text file.

Went back to Ancestry and saw
Save to person
Save to shoebox - this looks useful for those I have not built the tree for over there.
Share (link)
It feels the citation, the people, … scattered and incomplete.

Went back to archive and I am not even getting a friendly link. It gives my whole search which had other less relevant entries.

And apparently I need to improve my use of discourse and other communication tools too.Today I learned to quote. I was glad to see the bug report.

While the conversation is spot on, I wondered why discourse versus reddit?

Please forgive my ignorance. Thanks again for your help and patience.

Different people prefer different tools & communities. The maillist, Discourse, Facebook groups, Reddit, Matrix, Geneanet, Google Groups & StackExchange communities have a (or even more than 1) Gramps mutual support community.

There are attempts to scrape the most important info to write Wiki articles… but each article takes time and you could drown in the flow forum postings.

That posting was to take that example 1950 Census record to create a template/reference record in Gramps.

It was not about exporting a Person from Incestry as a text file. I am unwilling to subscribe to their exorbitant service and do not know if that is possible.

I just noticed another unexpected behavior.
If I select a person where I’ve added the form and have the Citation gramplet displaying, there are many iterations of the same citation displayed. I verified they were the same one by going back into forms and changing the reference information (which becomes the citation’s volume information) and seeing it affect all.

I have created a slightly more robust test.
Fred Flintstone, Wilma (wife), Barney Rubble (neighbor in Bedrock), George Slate (boss in Granitetown). 3 census events one per house.
Should I merge the citations for the two sharing an enumeration district and sheet? What other ways are there to group them? I realize i left out grouping by enumeration number alone. How about grouping by Enumeration map? This will be my initial foray into media in gramps.

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