Reorganize places

Good day, I am using AIO64-5.1.5-1 under Windows 11

Under “Places” i have a lot of cities and provincies which I want to place under an existing region. This region has already enclosed provinces and cities. How do I do this?
When I start with the region I cannot add the cities and provincies.
When I start with the city or province and click on “enclosed by” I can only add a new entity?

Just click on the icon to the right of the + icon and you can choose a place in your hierarchy

The Place editor’s Enclosed By subsection in the wiki User Manual has just been expanded.

The Select Places used during a ‘Share’ was noted just below. But it seemed to be unrelated to the ‘Enclosed By’ feature. The functions are described as related now.

My preferred method for building a Place hierarchy uses the Place Cleanup Add-on Gramplet. It builds a good hierarchy, offers alternate names in historical & multiple languages, and inserts the GPS coordinates needed for the Geography view’s mapping.

It requires setting up a GeoNames account. And they use the accounts to track failed “Find” attempts in order to improve their online database.

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