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I imported my tree from MyHeritage into Gramps with a .ged file. Having collected various correspondences over time, my places are different and not nested, for example:
Tesero, (TN), Italy
Tesero, Trento, Italy
Tesero, TN, Italy
How can I edit my places and make them nested by country, province and city?
I can’t understand how to implement hierarchical criteria.
Thanks to those who want to help me.

Sounds like a job for the thirdparty “Place Cleanup Gramplet” which can assist in cleaning up already existing places when starting with GEDCOM imported tree.

Support page:

User manual:

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Thank you. But I use 4.2.8 and, while following what you have indicated, I cannot find the addon “place cleanup gramplet”

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I don’t remember how it works in version 4.2.8 but may be these videos can help you about places in gramps:

For v5:
For v4.1.3:

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The add-on gramplet that Sam linked is for version 5.0 & newer.

Do you have a reason to not update to a more current version or install the add-ons?

Both are free & are in wide use. (Maintenance release Version 5.1.2 of Gramps was only released days ago but version 5.1.1 is well-proven.)

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In truth I had thought of installing the current version but, on the pages of Gramps, I saw the use of the version present in the store of your distribution recommended and Linux Mint offers 4.2.8. If you believe that installing the new release available on Gramps does not pose a problem, I try to download that one.
As far as the arrangement of the “places” is concerned, for now I have arranged it manually, a long and tedious but successful undertaking.

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Yes, the Linux distribution version recommendations probably lag behind reality. There are just SO MANY of them.

(Plus, fewer people are allowed to edit the Download page to in an attempt to prevent redirects to malicious installers. )

Thank you. Installed. And it doesn’t seem to have had any problems in converting the file.

I have been putting off my update on my Mint 19.3 computer but now will
attempt it. My Mac Mini install was very straightforward and I really
like the improvements.
Only problems were caused by the FTM database I imported!
in scorched East Gippsland, Victoria, Australia
where smoke haze gives me an excuse to word on my Gramps project :wink:

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Ment to say the Places problems were all caused by the way FTM set them
up using the Bing mapping app.


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