Question about places

Gramps 5.1.4
I have not used the hierarchal feature when I created the place items. They are all individual places.
The question is, what features or functions will this prevent me from using? What are the pros and cons?

Its easy to enclose one place inside another to create a hierarchy, you can do it anytime. It makes it easier to organise, find and add places to things instead of wading through lists or creating duplicates. Maps are usually good at finding places with just names and post codes.

Another useful place feature is alternative names.

Using the place hierarchy in Gramps enables you to avoid duplicates (and thus get useful reports, such as everyone with an event at a certain place). The hierarchy enables more flexible reports (such as all events in a certain region, including enclosed places).

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I just read that it does not work in GEDCOM files. I use GEDCOM to upload to WikiTree, will using this break the place name in the GEDCOM?

My expectation is that the GEDCOM export would use the “Place Title” for Events. That would have the Place hierarchy as a flat, comma separated list.

But that it would also output a separate Place (again using a Place Title) for each successive enclosing civil division.

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