Possible issue with Places

Gramps 5.1.5 Win10
Just passing this on as I don’t think it is right.
When adding a Place name such as Whitchurch, Warwickshire, England and have added a note, Lat/Log, and Enclosed BY (United Kingdom) “after 1800-12-31”, it takes at least 10 seconds or longer to save the record. The X in the window also turns red for a bit indicating the app is not responding. It does finally save and the window close.
Don’t know if there is a bad piece of code in there…

I don’t know what all goes on when saving places, but I don’t think this
is out of line with what I’ve seen. I’m not sure what you are doing,
but I would save this as four places (Whitchurch enclosed by
Warwickshire enclosed by England enclosed by United Kingdom). When I’m
adding a new place with the enclose by place already existing, it
usually doesn’t take long for the save to complete, but if one or more
enclosing places are not in the database and have to be added also, it
is not unusual for it to take considerable time to save some of them,
especially the outer-most new place.

When the Place hierarchy is modified, I suspect that Gramps traverses the entire Event list and updates all the Place titles for each event. It would probably have to look up how the hierarchical Place title should be displayed on each event’s date .

I’m holding off doing any more “Enclosed By” because there are changes coming in 5.2 (I have been told). Just doing the “United Kingdom” as I have been informed (on WikiTree) that I’m not entering the Place names correctly.
In the above example, it was a new place and “United Kingdom” does exist.
United Kingdom already is linked to 986 other “England” Places.

I wonder if the Place Title re-generation could be ‘paused’ when you plan to do extensive Place hierarchy edits? I recall seeing a Tools to regenerate the Place Titles when Gramps was switched over to a hierarchical place model.

There are times when sometimes the refresh is overly aggressive an makes Gramps less responsive. In some of the cases, the refresh could be paused until it is actually desired by the user.

For instance, a filtered and sorted list view is often used as a worklist when cleaning records. I have regularly used the Place category’s flat list view mode when back-filling missing Latitude and Longitude info. So, the filter gramplet will have a custom filter with the Rule “Places with no latitude or longitude given”. (I also have a rule excluding Placed previously Tagged as being with an unknown Lat/Long. But that isn’t very relevant.) Unfortunately, each time I modify a Place, it re-filters and sorts the View… which is VERY slow. So I fell back to an unfiltered view sorted on Latitude. (The nulls float to the top.) The view still re-sorts after every edit but it is much faster.

I’m not a developer, however when creating a new record I would think that this is just an insert of a new record to the db table. Granted, an update might be different. So I don’t follow the tread of updating all the place names when creating a new record. That just me. With my data there is less than 3000 records, so even if they all needed to be scanned, it should take like a second.

Update: I download about 6 updates today.
Now when saving the Place name with the Enclosed by: attribute, the screen closes right away.
The updates did not appear to me to have anything to do with Places.
Go figure.

What updates? More add-ons, or Linux or Windows updates?

Gramps addon updates. I have it set to check for updates monthly. The list included support for a new database and other stuff. Come to think of it, there was a Windows update that happen too. Well the main thing is the problem has gone.

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