Time frames for place names

5.1.5 win10
I don’t fully understand how to setup places with time frames. For example, I have many places in England. United Kingdom should be added after 1801.
How should this be configured?

You could add England as part of UK and on the top field of the UK window indicates “after 1800-12-31”.

Events in places in England will be in <place>, England before 1801 and in <place>, England, UK after.

You would be well advised to not burn time working on it until the 5.2 Place model enhancements have been released… and had a couple months to shake loose the bugs.

Or you may find yourself re-doing a lot of work.


Here is my setup for Woodstock Connecticut. I am showing how I change the actual place name and how it has multiple Enclosed by entries.

A special note to make sure you edit the main name entry.

The last entries with no date is my default option for an event with no date.


Thanks all. I may hold off with any changes until 5.2 comes out. It is not high on my priority list.

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