Place hierarchy issue

I’m having issues with Regions (North East England, South East England, etc) in my Place Hierarchy, they are appearing as ‘?’ if an event date is before 1965.
Most of the places were imported using GetGOV.
I’ve tried adding additional dates to the Enclosed By places but that didn’t help.

Am I missing something obvious here?

A question mark (?) appears any time there is no valid name option for the event date.

The marriage on 1869-12-25 in Bristol shows no valid name for the record between Bristol and England.

Check the dates for the Alternative Names options for this record as well as the Name entry itself. At the end of the Name field will be a Place name editor icon.

If this record does not have any changes in its name, remove all dates to affect a name change.

If Bristol should not have an intermediate place name at the time of this event, use the Enclosed by records to ‘jump’ over the offending place record. Go from Bristol directly to England.

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