How change selected placenames before a certain date

Just new here and a question.

A placename I used in Gramps seems to be different in the past.
I would like to change that name in all the events before a certain date.

How do i do this?

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Welcome Rob.

The Place Editor dialog has an Alternative Names tab. Adding (or editing) a row pops an Place Name Editor where you can enter the date range when that variation should be in use.

Thank you. But when a look at a person I cannot see the alternate name of the place. How come?

Is the event dated in a time where the alternative name actually have a date?
Is there an alternative date that dont have a date still?
Can you post a screenshot?

Hi Mihle,
Thanks I dont understand well what you mean.
Attached is a screenshot of a person with dates.
As a newcomer i am only allowed to send one attachment.
So i will try another post to send a second screenshot

The second screenshot

Oh, I remember now, I think you have to press the little button beside the main name field on the place(Pencil and paper), and then select a date there. Like “After 1990” or whatever that is correct.
If you havent already.

I don’t believe the GUI shows the date-appropriate Place Name for Events but reports should.

The GUI always shows the Preferred Place Name.

If you set it up correctly it should in person view, but it does not in event editor.

The last “Oslo” with no date is just because if an event has a date that is not inside any of the dates on the other names, it will go for that one and then show “Oslo” instead of “?” That includes events with no date.
If I remember right, events with no date is considered as being year 0 or something when gramps picks what name to show, so if you have the first one as “Before X” and the last one as “After X”, the name without a name has no purpose.

If two of the Alternative name’s date is correct for an event, it chooses to display whatever is highest up on the list, example: (This is just a test, dont actually have one called Test)


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That is how I set it up. Main entry Oslo after 1925. Then in alternate names the Christiania / Kristiania entries with from… to… dates. The last Oslo entry with no date is a default for an event with no date information.

Leave out the Test entry!

Test is just to show it prioritising the one higher up in the list, do what is in the first image.

I think it was you that told me how to do it at one point

In 5.2 the Alternative tab will be just Names with the main entry included. No longer will users forget to add date information to the main entry and it will be easier to move an entry into the main entry position.


Will it be laid out in the same way as the Name tab of the Edit Person dialog? With a separate “Preferred name” section above a (counted) “Alternative names” section? And will the tab names be harmonized? Both labeled as “Names”?

The columns might benefit from a slight harmonized too. A Date column would be useful for the Person Names tab as much as it already is for the Place names.

More commonalities would simplify documentation and make one fewer exception that has to be memorized.

The early version I tested was a simple list of the names of the place where the first entry was the main entry. Another place could be moved up in the list becoming the main entry.

I have filed a feature request to add the date information to the person name list.

Whatever I do, i cannot get the alternate name visible, except the in the place editor in the “alternative names” tab . The alternative name has a date “before 1990” . Also not visible in reports.
Any clues?

Unfortunately, you just signed up for the forum, you are unable to add a screenshot of your record.

Based upon the date of the event, Gramps will see if the main place Name entry will return as true for that date. If it does, that will be returned to the person’s event list. Only if that main entry is not valid for the event date will Gramps start looking at the alternative entries.

Gramps will evaluate each alternative entry from top to bottom. The first entry that is valid for the event date will be returned. If no entry is valid for the event date, a question mark (?) will be returned.

Here is my record for Woodstock, Connecticut.


The main entry “Woodstock” will be returned for any event date after 1690. If the event date was 1670, the name “New Roxbury” would be returned. In my alternative names list I have the last “Woodstock” entry with no date. This is so an event with no date Gramps will default to “Woodstock”.

The key is the main entry. If this entry has no date, it will always return as valid for any date of the event. The alternative names will never be evaluated based upon the event date.

To set the date information for the main entry, click the “Invoke place name editor” icon found at the end of the place Name field.

Actually, Rob’s account was upgraded to ‘Basic user’ as soon as he mention be limited to 1 screen capture upload and then found a workaround instead of griping.

He should be able to post multiple images in a message now.

Thank You DaveSch for your attention. , I followed your instructions but still cant see the effect of the alternate names in the in the database.
I upload the latest screenshot after my attempt.
By the way i see in your screenshot that under the field “Title” is a field “Name”. I dont have that.
I am getting confused.

Have you entered a date in the editior that comes up when you press the little button beside the name?

You need to add “after 1990” or whatever you want there.


Yehee, that is it. Thank you so much :hugs: