Imported and edited Gedcom places have ptitle field with old place names

I recently imported a Gedcom file including a couple of new places. I did some cleanup of the places and added them to my place hierarchy. But I noticed that if I export data (as Gramps xml), then all places have the “pname” tag with the correct name, but the imported places also have a “ptitle” tag containing the old (imported) names without my changes.
Is there a way to delete this title information? There doesn’t seem to be a corresponding field in the place editor. (I don’t know if they are actually used for something, but I don’t like to have garbage data stored.)
(Gramps 5.1.2, Windows 10)

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The place title is a legacy field. It can only appears in the editor if you disable the automatic place title feature.

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That is a Display tab Preferences feature with a checkbox labeled:
Place format (auto place title)

When this feature is selected, the top line of the Edit Place dialog shows hierarchical Place name conforming to the Format chosen in the Display tab of Preferences.

When it is deselected, the Edit Place dialog shows a “Title:” text box instead with any manually defined Place name.


I remember that this information disturbed me some time ago, I don’t know where anymore because I use the “auto place title” function but it was present somewhere. So I deleted them with Notepad ++ in the Gramps xml or OpenRefine in the exported sqlite database

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