Title in Place Table in Database

GrampsAIO64-5.1.3-2 Windows 10

I am using SQLiteStudio to check data, etc. In the Place Table I notice that some records have a Title such as “[Yorkshire]-, OS, Yorkshire, England”. The OS is the code that I used when loading the place (OS of Overseas). Some records have no “Title”. I have also noticed that the “Title” does not change when I changed the “Code”.

Does anyone known how the “Title” column is created, what it is used for and how to refresh/recreate it?

See this wiki page which explains:

I had this already set but added a new one and it give the details in GRAMPS and added some more in SQLiteStudio but still lots are blank in SQLiteStudio and others are still using the old “Code” in the title column. The “Title” in GRAMPS is not the same as the “Title” in SQLiteStudio. What I have noticed is that there is only a “Title” for the first 651 Places and after that no Titles for the next 1,067 in order that they were loaded.

I have found what it was. It is the “Place Completion” add on. Did not realise I had installed and had not run for ages.

What you are accessing is the static Title field. In older versions of Gramps, this was the only possible place name used in displays. Then came the hierarchy which can set the display name automatically and dynamically based upon the event date.

With the Place format(auto place title) checked in Preferences, this static Title field is not displayed and nothing is being entered.

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