Removing place title

(5.1-3 @Win10)

Is it possible to disable displaying place title on top of place window? I’ve some large place names (some company name) wich are subplaces of other companies with large names and place window enlarges itself too much because of the title length wich includes the full hierarchy.


Did you try to change the title generation in the preferences ?

Preferences → Display → Place format (auto place title)

Yes but I’ve to do this every time I’ve to use place editor. I’d tried to use n:m or p+n:p+m, even n:p+m, but it’s always something to do every time I want to use place editor. Is there something more persistent and less manual wich don’t change display of places in my events?

To be clear, are you talking about the automatically generated place Title in the editor window?

I tried to look for the code generating it with no luck.

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Yes that’s it. My two 34" screens will soon no longer be large enough! (One is not enough anymore)

On this picture, Gramps main window is on the first screen and Chrome on the second

If I open a smaller name place then open the previous one and reopen the smaller again Gramps remember large window size even with a small title:

Before opening large name place

After, for the same place

Perhaps you should change the way you enter the place name.

For your info, the place title is generated in gramps/gui/editors/ gramps/gui/editors/ in the update_title method and is like that:

def update_title(self):
    new_title = place_displayer.display(self.db, self.obj)"preview_title").set_text(new_title)

It’s better using acronyms where I can but it’s less readable (RATP I know but TRGP ???)

Thanks, I’ll try to take a look at this code but I’m not sure what to do with to shorten it

Maybe you could spare some space (no pun intended) by removing your most top levels?
I mean do you have lots of people in your tree who don’t live on Earth?

NB: If it’s just a bogus example, I love it! ;p

At least one: me and my grandparents watching Armstrong set foot on the moon in 1969. It’s a small event for Gramps, a big hierarchy for its places ! :wink:

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You might try a patch to the Gramps code. If you find the code directory, with subdirectory/filename of “gramps/gui/glade/” at about line 420 you will see:

                  <object class="GtkLabel" id="preview_title">
                    <property name="visible">True</property>
                    <property name="can_focus">False</property>
                    <property name="halign">start</property>
                    <property name="margin_bottom">6</property>
                      <attribute name="font-desc" value="Sans Bold 12"/>

If you then add the line

                    <property name="wrap">True</property>

with the other property lines, it should cause the long place title to do a word wrap.

You will probably want to do the same thing to at line 576 (same subdirectory).

If this works well and you like it, we can make this a permanent Gramps ‘feature’.


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