Export Gedcom puis Import - Problem

When I open in Gramps a gedcom generated by Gramps
I can find my initial tree, but in the “Places” view the “Types” fields have the value “Unknown” ???
But yet the places are correctly specified in the events
The “Graph” view places not appearing?
The coordinates are present in the “Places” view
What is the problem with my configuration?
Thank you
Jean Claude
Kubuntu 20.4
GRAMPS: 5.1.4
Python: 3.8.10 (default, Sep 28 2021, 16:10:42) …
BSDDB: 6.2.7 (5, 3, 28)
sqlite: 3.31.1 (2.6.0)
System: Linux
Distribution: 5.11.0-40-generic

It might be that the filtering by view mode selected in the Geography category provides nothing that can be mapped in the view window. For example, if the view mode was Have they been able to meet ? and any of the following was true, the view would show a map with no pins:

  1. the Person had no Events
  2. any Events had no Places
  3. the Places did not have valid coordinates

Start with All Known Places and see if ANY of the Places in your imported Tree will show a map pin. (You can also try looking up a specific Place record with a Map Service.)

If not, try editing one of the places. If the either the latitude or longitude are in a red font, the coordinate format wasn’t recognized.

As to Gedcom imported places being listed as “unknown”, GEDCOM doesn’t support place types very well, at least as Gramps uses it for export. There are other features of Gramps that don’t get exported as well. If you want everything to export from one Gramps to another, use the Gramps XML export option.

The issue @bjc49 encountered is more an import issue: when places are well coded in the gedcom why gramps don’t fill place type when it import that gedcom file? City/state/country from gedcom became an unknown place type and not, at least a city place type, or ideally the place hierarchy using hierarchy and types found in the gedcom.

I wonder if the GEDCOM place type is preserved as a custom attribute? It seems like most unrecognized GEDCOM data is stored.

If so, it should be possible to write a SuperTool script to clean up the unknown types.

This is a question that I was asking myself
Because it’s strange that the same application does not know how to reconstitute what it has generated itself
I agree that the xml export / import is more appropriate
Simple curiosity and I thought it could come from my configuration ??
I guess you have the same symptom
Thank you for your opinions
Jean Claude

Thanks for repeating that. I had glossed over reading that the GEDCOM being imported was generated by Gramps. Data storage & restoration not being symmetrical does seem like it could be fixed.

A question… did you export with the basic GEDCOM or GEDCOM Extensions add-on exporter?

An importer was never created to read the Extensions.

With the Basic Gedcom

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That Gramps has issues with GEDCOM import/export of places has been long known. I have included significant rework of the Gedcom importand export of places as part of the Place Enhancements that may, someday, get included and released into an upcoming version of Gramps. But that proposed set of changes has been awaiting approval for several years now…

@prculley , I’ve been wondering if there is a methodology that would let such improvements be field-tested as an Add-On that SUPPLANTS a built-in feature?

Your Plug-in Manager Enhanced feels (to me) far superior to the built-in. And it is great that it can supplants the built-in so that the interface isn’t obfuscated by dueling interfaces.

(Sorry for nudging a sore spot. It is clear that you campaigned diligently to have have this broadly adopted add-on integrated, only to be road-blocked by the ideals of a vaporware concept.)

There are lots of such patches that are languishing. Maybe some structured approach could be adopted to get them out of limbo?

Thank you very much for your answer
I just had a doubt about the correct operation of my configuration
I understood that with Gedcom some information could be lost
In the future I would preferably use xml

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