GEDCOM Import / Export

Dear All,
I have just started using Gramps and am preparing to import GEDCOM data from PAF Exports.
I have created a small Gramps database as a trial run to get to know the programme.

So, to check that Gramps is consistent in GEDCOM Import / Export I exported all the database to GEDCOM then Imported to Gramps, and then Exported a 2nd GEDCOM file, expecting the files to be identical.
They were not - of course the file name was different, and the timestamp :slight_smile:
However the two consecutive Tags “2 ADDR”, “3 CITY Leeds” in the first Export were missing from the 2nd Export.
This looks like it is a fault in Importing GEDCOM - which I am flagging as a potential thing to fix in Gramps.
For myself, now I know, I shall just avoid committing data to those Fields until I can confirm they are consistent. I am trying to make sure I can always Export / Import all my information via GEDCOM without losing anything inadvertently now I cannot get PAF to run on Linux (yet). It is about 8 years since I last did any genealogy, and several Linux versions :slight_smile:
Hope my comment helps to improve Import-Exports, Regards, Leo

Do not spend too much time on the place entries in PAF. Gramps handles places very differently.

In PAF, each place entry is unique to each event. There is no master place database. Gramps will import the places, merge places that are EXACTLY the same and create a hierarchy out of the place name.

Attleborough, Bristol Co, Massachusetts
Attleborough, Bristol Co., Massachusetts
Attleborough, Bristol, Mass
Attleboro, Bristol Co, Massachusetts

These PAF place entries (and all the other permutations) will all import as separate Gramps entries. Spending time in PAF attempting to make entries consistent would be time well spent.

But once each place entry has been merged and placed within the proper hierarchy with Gramps, you may want to further edit the Gramps place database to take advantage of the dynamic changes in a place name based upon the date of the event.

Thanks for the info on how places are dealt with in the 2 programmes Dave, this will likely be very useful.
I am only just starting to get to grips with Gramps, and it will be some time before I am as used to it as PAF.
I have now appreciated just how necessary a good data interchange standard is for effective communication between various genealogical programmes.

I expected Gramps could Export a GEDCOM file, import the exported file, and then re-Export the GEDCOM exactly the same as the first Export (apart from date / time stamps, and file name :-))
That it did not do this on my small test file points to the need for a fully packed GEDCOM Export / Import / re-Export test by someone who knows what they are doing :slight_smile: i.e. not me !
This would point to specific area(s) of the GEDCOM interface programming which may be faulty for some reason.
Regards, Leo

When you import a GEDCOM file to Gramps, Gramps should create notes in the tree with importing errors, in my case (not from PAF but another old software) it was the program that used things that is non standard to the GEDCOM format.

Some things in another field in another program might also end up under attributes in Gramps if its a non standard GEDCOM field, it depens how the program handles export of those things.

This might be a case of PAF exporting things to GEDCOM that is not actually a part of the GEDCOM standard.

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